Noir, baby! Noir!



Yes, it's got noir written all over it. Half a Sinner - why, in 40s movie parlance, that must mean she kisses with her mouth partly open. She leads men to their doom, right? It must be a woman, because men are never described as sinners.

Who's on board?


Dalton Trumbo! "Johnny Got His Gun," Commie prole-booster, a man who could pound out a yarn. Well, let's see what we have. This is, after all, the "Dark Crimes" half of 100 Mysteries - that's the name by which the second 50 films were originally marketed.

If it's noir with a female lead, she has to start out in a state of innocence. Well, check:



She's a schoolteacher, which is even better. But she wants to break out. She wants to sample the naughty side of life. So she gusssies up, goes to the park and tries to angle in some beef. That's the move that puts her on a helpless skid into noir territory, aided and abetted by a slimy masher who won't take no for an answer.



Desperate to get away, she steals a car. As if that's not enough for Noir, she picks up a hitchhiker - and when this fellow puts his hand over the seat, he finds that the backseat of the stolen car has . . . a body.



In other words, it has all the elements of a classic noir, but I think you can tell the problem from the title music.



Tells you everything you need to know, doesn't it? Stupid thing's a comedy.