Based on a play that ran a record-breaking 21 performances on Broadway:




There might be a movie in here somewhere, but it seems timid and unwilling to show itself. Fog Island is the home of Leo Granger, a wealthy man who’s just got out of prison for embezzlement. He wuz framed, of course. He invites all the people who helped frame him to his foggy, remote island; they accept, of course. The boat that leaves them soon leaves and cannot make it back until the next morning, of course. One of the people who comes to the party is the son of a man who helped frame the host, of course, and he finds his old college girlfriend. Of course.



It would be unfair to most of the pliable cellulose substances we call "wood" to call the writing wooden, but you suspect everyone who handled the script spent an hour picking out splinters. Enjoy this woo-pitching "remember when" interlude, complete with "I'm pretending I'm playing an organ by moving my forearms" acting technique.



I was allergic to willow trees, you jerk! Don't you remember anything?

That was John Whitney. IMDB lists dozens of roles. Most "uncredited." The girl was Sharon Douglas, and as pretty actresses go, she was quite pretty. She made one more movie after this, then nothing for 25 years, then three bit parts - then nothing again. There has to be a story there, and perhaps one that's more interesting than anything in this film.

Perhaps someone could ask her - she's still alive and turns 89 this year.