Whoa! Color!



"I'm not joking. I've been around theater long enough! I know how to do this! How hard can it be?"



Harder than he thinks. Meredith plays a loser who, like many poor Parisians, uses the bottom of soft-drink bottles for spectacles:



In an eeeerie foreshadowing of that overrated Twilight Zone episode - if that's not narrowing it down - his glasses are crushed in one highly symbolic scene. But that's not his greatest problem. His real problem, aside from an inability to direct a movie, is the condition of the print:


Believe me, I've done everything I can do in Photoshop to bring the color back to its original condition, but it's impossible. It was filmed in Techno-Sepia.


I'd tell you the plot, but it doesn't matter. The film is almost unwatchable, laudatory reviews on imdb notwithstanding. This early scene gave me hope; looks like the Man From Another Place was working in France before he moved to Twin Peaks:



There's a murder:



What a snide headline. So French! Eventually the criminals try to escape by running up the entire Eiffel Tower, which seems unwise.



I'll just hide up here until they forget about me! But it gets better, in the sense that it gets worse:

The sound is out of sync. Which leads to moments . . . like this