The game is afoot, elementary, and so on:


Brought to you by the reknowned and esteemed film company of - say, who?



That would be Burt Kely, Sam Bischoff, and William Saul. More info can be found here, including an exhaustive review of the production. While I appreciate the background, it's like a monogram on the narrative complexity of "Goodnight Moon." This film is frequently hampered by the fact that it’s horrible. Also, the soundtrack has decayed to the point where it sounds as if 600 bats are overhead fluttering their wings. I’d review the music, but there isn’t any.

Here’s part of the problem: the Watson.


Doesn’t look quite right, does he? No. To make matters worse, this isn’t Watson. That’s Holmes.

You have a problem when you’re making a Sherlock Holmes movie and Holmes doesn’t look like Holmes. It’s like casting Sidney Greenstreet as James Bond and having him solve a drawing-room murder mystery.

It’s also not a good idea to have your Holmes reduced to taking out classified ads:



On the other hand, Holmes does stumble upon a devious plot: diseased pork cigars!



Obligatory moment of great acting:



Consider your buttons dashed, then.