It’s the first of 8 Holmes movies in the 100 mysteries collection.
Unfortunately, the print seems to have been duplicated by projecting the worst copy they could find on a bed sheet, and having someone sketch it with pencils.

This is particularly unhelpful when you’re putting yourself in Sherlock’s slippers, attempting to match handwriting samples.



Er – yes, they’re both . . . on paper. White paper. I think we may have a match.

That’s a pity, because it’s one of the best in the 100 Mysteries series. Holmes (Arthur Wontner)  is fussy, vain, and smart. He's shown here serenading his chemistry set:


Watson (Ian Hunter)  is bluff and capable, but he needs better glue for his moustache:


The best part of the movie concerns to the two crooms what aims t’ get revenge fer the swindlin’ they received. One of them is a tattooed man; the other is a tattooed man tattooist. They quarrel a lot, and one of them seems to think it’s best to make your point by speaking directly to people’s crotches. Well, this will learn him:



Wooden leg! Right in the kisser! I love that shot.

Final check: Does Holmes say “elementary, my dear Watson”? Yes. And Watson says “elementary, my dear Holmes, elementary. The girl is saved, the villains defeated, and it’s over in 75 long minutes. Interesting end credits:



An "Associated Radio Picture." Yes, a radio picture. Just like RKO, the term was used to connote Modernity in all its wonderful, mysterious glory.