Last week we described a “Shadow” movie that did contain an overabundance of the Shadow – he didn’t cloud anyone’s mind, cackle, talk from the shadows, or other requisites of the Shadow character. This week, another Shadow movie:


They’re really boosting that Shadow angle, aren’t they. But it is a Shadow movie. Really! You can tell from the opening shot:



That’s a plaque outside the radio station. The “Evening Classic” is a show. Why take out a billboard when you can chisel your schedule in stone and put it on a building? If you’re wondering what sort of show “The Evening Classic” might be, well, naturally it’s a recitation of the day’s crimes – read by the Shadow.



He’s introduced as the Shadow, too. Outside his office a guy from the radio station plays security:



It’s obvious right away that everyone knows who the Shadow is. The police know. The radio guys know. The newspaper reporters know. In fact the Shadow isn't a mysterious mind-shrouding vigilante. He's a newspaper columnist.



Gor it? The Shadow Says, instead of the Shadow knows. This is like doing a Superman movie in which he says "Arise, Arise, and Yonder!" It all adds up to another Non-Shadow Shadow movie, so what's the point? Well, there's this:



"Here's Flash Casey" was an actual movie; came out in 1938. That's the Shadow on the right, incidentally.

Later he makes a phone call, and this presents a dandy challenge.


Go on, find 'em. Have fun.