I'm not trying to pass this stuff off as anything other than a peculiar sign of our times. But I do find it fascinating. It's always the details. Two tiny turkeys. Two-tone suit. Two wives, for that matter. And who doesn't put the gravy glass in the stuffing bowl?


  In the full version, little Suzie is having a plate of steamed Trix.

Here's another scant-prompt request for a Thanksgiving tableau.

  I don't know where it got that duck. Perhaps it grabbed that pilgrim-bird from old newspaper ad cuts?

Tomorrow, a festival of this stuff, sort of. It's a Holiday week, so we can break rules and do other stuff. Right?

Why am I asking your permission? And why do I think I have rules?

Well then: something to listen to while you make the meal, or wait for it.







Previous Episodes here, including #4, which I forgot to post.







Now two ways to chip in!

That will suffice, I hope. And would you look at that? A holiday site update!

Hope you have a fine Thanksgiving. See you tomorrow.




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