Hiatal week drawing near its close. More non-standard material, and of course, the hint. The clue.

Today let's examine the humblest of things: the free travel notebook.

Your passport to the world!

Not in any sense of a real passport, but it feels like something essential for your great adventure.

There’s no branch for Farmers in Stanberry MO anymore.

The exotic possibilities of the last year of the 50s:

“Nine” years always have their own vibe, carrying all the decade with them, on the cusp of the unknown.

You’re really heading out naked, aren’t you? Don’t worry - we can help with the prep. Your travel agent can assure you that the hotel will be expecting you.

Wasn’t that American Express’ slogan?

Damn, now I have to send a telegram to Guam:

You wonder about the speed of the response, no? You’d be sweating until you got you replacement.

International travel just seems awfully complicated, doesn’t it?

Lose this book and you’re really out of luck.

I remember writing down the cheque numbers. I also remember no one being particularly happy to cash one.


I think you’d probably have the itinerary written down somewhere else, but it didn’t hurt to keep a backup record.

And your trip might extend into next year!








It’s that hip, mod, swinging music that’s setting London on its ear! Or it’s the crap you associate with late-mid 60s B-movies with a go-go bar scene. Or it’s the stuff that comes out of a radio on a TV show.

The music is new, but the style of the ad isn’t. A guy is trying the product, and has opinions: old as the medium itself. But. There’s a twist to his remark. Maybe some hidebound old client would’ve balked, not understanding what it meant, but perhaps his with-it son would say you don’t understand, Dad!

A lesser version, with almost leisurely editing by modern standards.


Now two ways to chip in!

Only one more day of these meager portions, and then? Nothing! Because it's the weekend.



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