Wife is away for a while, so it’s me and the dog. The COVID Velcro dog. Once he was fine being left alone for a while, but now it’s hard, and he gets a bit clingy. When my wife goes running, he howls disconsolately for ten minutes, then comes upstairs and barks at with great fury, as if I should do something, or at least recognize the DANGER AND CALAMITY she is in. When she goes away he never leaves my side, as if he’s expecting me to go, or reassuring himself that I won’t.

Of course he’s the big strong protector when it comes to a squirrel across the street; then there is much barking. But if I go downstairs he has to come with; if I go upstairs he has to get there before me.

So have I spent this batching time? Filling up the new hard drive, taking up dead sod, playing some Planet Coaster, watching this and that, taclking the email nightmare. On Saturday around 11 PM I got a text from Daughter, responding to something I’d said two days ago (grrrr) and eventually the subject grew too complicated for texts, so she called, which is always nice. Talked for an hour about . . . sorry but it’s true, historical revisionism in movies, cultural double standards, the idealistic vs. pragmatic factions in American history, and why Wilson was a bad president. (She had inherited from school the idea that he was the Great Idealist, and since the subject had never come up between us the record needed to be set straight.) An hour of back and forth, and yes, that does make my day. After that I had time only for one short show and a dish of the new ice cream: caramel-vanilla shortbread.

I know, I know - full-out bacchanalia here at Jasperwood. Right now it’s Sunday afternoon, and I am not loony yet; that should set in by Monday afternoon.

Some excitement in the neighborhood: an Amazon truck was sitting in the middle of the street, blocking traffic, engine running, with no driver. The driver could not be found. A half an hour went by, so my neighbor - who was trying to get out of his driveway - assumed the driver had not made a delivery then stopped to chat in a neighborly way with the recipient of the package. Oh, you can imagine a time when that might happen; the lady of the house would come out, wiping her hands on her apron, and they’d get to chattin’, talking about the weather and the new fence the Andersons put in. And how’s your missus? She’s fine, has her hands full with the kids of course, and the PTA, and the Girl Scouts, she’s got that once a week, and she’s already got a head-start on the Halloween decorations, don’t know where she finds the time. Is the Mister going to bowl when the leagues start up? Oh, couldn’t keep him away from it.

What actually happened: the driver was yanked from his vehicle about 25 blocks north, beaten, robbed, and the criminals drove the truck to our neighborhood. Then they returned in another car and emptied the boxes from the van, according to someone’s security camera. Usually there are lots of people out walking around at that time of the day, walking with their dogs or pushing a stroller, so the predators had the street to themselves. You wonder if they’d have been so bold if there would have been more people around, though: if anyone stopped to question the rearrangement of property, they might have been beaten as well.

The police were slow to arrive, since it wasn’t a violent crime in progress.

As usual on the Minneapolis subreddit, this was blamed on COVID and Poverty. The former because the young folks were stuck in the house for two years. Welded doors and all that. Well. We have two kinds of people. Those who can drive, and get a job doing so, and those who can drive, and decide to steal from those who took the legitimate route. Where your sympathies and concerns initially alight says a lot about you, and I’m about two years past caring about the nuances. The explanations. The Riff Defense.

He had the Hong Kong Flu in his time, too.

You want Amazon trucks with gun ports? This is how you get Amazon trucks with gun ports.


A story of shoddy dam construction?

Doesn’t look like this one was made, either. No names attached. Perhaps Sono was just throwing out chum to see which fish made the water thrash the fastest.


You know you’ve made it when a picture can start with your logo.

Do we know who it is? Most doesn’t - and yet he was one of the most popular laff-makers of the 30s and 40s. I was dimly aware of him as a kid, and I don’t know quite why. Caricatures, perhaps. Old WB cartoons that played up his inordinately elastic yap.

Hey, it’s Thurber’s old pal, the Nuge. I read a thick bio of Thurber, and it was hard not to see how he must have envied, and perhaps resented his Broadway-famous pal.

What about “The Poor Nut”? It was made into a movie before this one, starring Paul Kelly. IMDB notes:

This was Paul Kelly's last film before he was convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison in mid-1927. By the time it was released, Kelly was behind bars, and distributors opted to remove Kelly's name from the credits, even though he was featured in a prominent role.

He was having an affair, and beat the cuckolded husband to death. He got work after he got sprang. The imdb bio ends thus:

After suffering a heart attack in 1953, the actor was stricken again on Election Day, November 6, 1956, this time fatally, just after returning home from voting for Adlai Stevenson, who lost the election.

Bad day for everyone, I guess.

There’s another Nugent:

Not the previous Nugent.

American actor and dancer who looked younger than his years and perpetually ended up playing wisecracking youths. He alternated supporting roles with occasional leads. After his career ended he operated a "knick-knack store" in Hollywood which was sometimes frequented by the stars.

Sometimes. Anyway, speaking of young: Joe E. Brown plays a college student.

He was 40 at the time the picture as made.

Ah, the college bookstore!

Old mags. Can we find them?



WE CAN. It’s from May.

Can we find the one on the bottom?

  That’s easy. It’s also from May. Zamora, Spain’s new President. But. . .
  The middle one is from June, so we know when the movie was made.

Now, the entrance to the store. Top of the rack, right side.


  It’s a Lawson Wood cover. He did a long series of comical monkeys for Colliers. This one’s also from May.

Anyway. It’s about a nerd who writes a steamy letter to a college goddess, and it gets sent by mistake. She comes to the bookstore to find him, and is not pleased he’s not the great frat athlete he said he was:

Her character is a modern girl who knows all the modern ideas.

Welcome to pre-code dialogue:


Dorothy Lee. She had six husbands.

Anyway: it's short and amusing. What else would you want?



That'll do! See you around.




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