I have the most baffling question posed on the Bleat in decades, and this is the place where I can say "decades." I think it's one of those things you either get right away, or don't, at all.

Okay, lots of detritus and stuff today in the Grab-Bag Friday, so let's get to it.

No, I don't think I'll call it that. Jumbleday. Flotsam Cove. Jetsam Round-up. Or, as usual, Detritus.

This has been showing up over and over in my Twitter feed. What's annoying? Or rather, what about it irritates me, Mr. Easy to Be Annoyed?

They appear to be grown-ups, that's what. It seems an excessive reaction to a kid's story, but I have been immune from Potterism all my days. Daughter went through the phase, as do they all, and I was happy to see her enjoy the whole arc, with the movies coming anew, spaced over the years. But what are they doing? Oooohing? Hooting?

I was looking for information about the Latin Quarter nightclub in New York - something you'll hear about, for the usual reasons, in February 2023. I went to Google Street view, and discovered that I used to stay around the corner at the Hotel Roger Smith. I had a grim smile when my mouse grazed the pin for a restaurant called Raffles. PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Gah, that place. Hotel restaurant for the Lexington. Overpriced and lackluster. Dry eggs and surly waitresses. SERVES YOU RIGHT, NEVER COULD GET A COFFEE REFILL. The name refered to a "British colonial agent" in Singapore. As in, he founded Singapore.

But my heart sank when I rolled past the Hotel Roger Smith. PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Ah well. It had been tired the last time I stayed there, even with the new roof deck.

  Then came a pane of commonly asked questions, and let us just say it's a journey.

A man named Roger Smith was indeed Ann-Margrock's husband, but it was a different Roger Smith.

There was an Apple event this week, and this creepy image shoed up on my Twitter feed:

<peaveyvoice> Well, now, I wouldn't say that, </peaveyvoice> but it did bug me. All those sythnetic faces the iPhone makes bug me. I mean . . .


I don't want to see that peeking from the closet door in the moonlight.


When I went to the App Store to see what was new in the Arcade, there were announcements of new games, listened in order of importance:


"Is it fun?"

"No, but it's socially impactful!

  Hours of immersive inclusivity
  The Smirk of Confidence must die. You know what I mean: the slight smile, the raised eyebrow.

It's a "cozy life and farming sim with a witchy twist!" Cottagecore with a coven and also a "hidden darkness." You get around on a broomstick. Reviews are all positive, so the target market seems to like it. I suppose I'd have to play to understand why it won an award for inclusivity.

Anyway: Apple ad in 1977.

Apple Ad in 1984:

Now? No need for people. Our digital forms will suffice.

She's really happy about the new operating system



A reminder of the pace of change. A few years ago:


I was walking to get the weekly sweep of the new tower by the Vikings Stadium, as I will always call it, and was reminded how much that's changed.

This used to be my parking lot.

Things get better. Anyway, the apartment building is still a hole, but the core is up a bit.



Gather 'round, urchins, for another tale of men's perfidy!


"Lance, we've had a report you're bringing evidence to a clubhouse full of small children"

Solution is here.



There are some voices on old radio shows that stand out for different reasons than familiarity with the era. Take this fellow. And I don't mean Gregory Peck.

Question: what brand of cigarette does he smoke?  

Note: for some this will seem an impossible question. For others, it will take a second or two.

There is a hint buried in the above-the-fold section.

This year we're counting down the top hits . . . of 1922. Why not? We'll get back to thift store records some other time, but why not use Fridays to educate ourselves on the pop music of a hundred years ago?

Another hit from Eddie. Pardon the unnerving animation; I pay for this geneology site, so I'm going to use it.

I'm Her He - She's My She.


Rather binary of him.

What a strange, long, involved ad. Nice to see Vaughn Meador get work, though. Kidding; it's nowhere near his quality. Wait a minute - is that Winters?






We're finishing up the menucards before we plunge into a site long ignored. Any guesses which one?



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