Ah, the end of the day. Which completely-disconnected-from-my-reality TV show do I wish to watch? (Scrolls streaming services for ten minutes) Sigh. Well, perhaps I’ll start the last season of Narcos, for its nostalgic qualities. I think this season there’s a new, dangerous breed of traffickers that don’t respect the time-honored ways the previous generation, who themselves were new and dangerous and did not respect the previous set of time-honored traditions. When we were men of honor! Well, except for that part about screwing over our partners and shooting them in the desert, but ha ha, that El Loco, he was crazy. Yes, hence the name, hermano.

What’s your name, young blood? Herman Oelloco? You say you want to enter this life. I must warn you, there are rules. You will become very rich, but your problems will multiply. You will have a big gaudy house, but your wife, she will not be happy. You will have two children you will love very much but they will only appear in a few scenes to establish a sense of innocence that condemns your own lifestyle, and has a few traditional events that contrast the timeless rituals of Catholicism with your own sinful nature.

Then, of course, at the height of your power, you will face a rising threat from a new, dangerous breed that does not respect your time-honored ways. You will find strength in your oldest friend. He will either be like you but more rash and intemperate, or older, wise, and cheerful, with a broad streak of rural culture. The caballeros, they never ran away from who they were. People like you, who grew up in the city, are desperate to cover their roots, and ascend to another social class, even though the iron laws of the country’s social stratification will never allow it. The only person who truly understands is your best friend from the days when you were petty criminals, stealing just to survive; when you drink you tell stories of the old days, and then look out over the pool at night and marvel at your accomplishments. Yet you are both uneasy.

If your friend is the first archetype, the dearest and oldest friend, he will betray you in the fifth episode. It may be a small thing out of stupidity and greed, but an example will have to be made. Be warned: after you have had him killed, this requires that you wander your empty mansion alone, drinking from a bottle, knocking over objets d’art while you wife, staring at you with hate, shields your two children. They will all be gone by morning. Presuming there are eight episodes, this will be the sixth.

If your friend is the Old Wise Veteran, he will also betray you, but it will not be personal, and looking into his ancient but suddenly clear and focused eyes, you will realize you were wrong to ever assume your bond was personal. You cannot shoot the old wise man. If you try, he will regard you with withering contempt, and you will realize the size of the forces arrayed against you.

I must warn you that this entire series is being narrated by a DEA agent, so you were hosed from the start. Before they even sent out a casting call.

Yeah, I think I’ll watch Narcos.


Ellen Whalehooey?

Actually, this one's pretty good.



Serial time!

The recap:

The penultimate ep here. We’ve lost three Starks, I think.

Gwen! Boy, it’s about time she got a card.

The boys are down to two now?

Oh good, Steve’s still in the story! Who’s Steve again?

Last time we saw Dick he was DEAD! Because he was fighting on the torpedo boat and it hit a causeway and kaBOOM


Big surprise. Back to Tracy’s office; a young woman comes in to tell Dick Tracy that her brother has gotten in with a bad crowd.

Tracy offers to help, of course, because G-Men always drop everything when diner cashiers come in with a tremulous request. But Gwen’s on to her, and hands Tracy a note.

He’s a spy. An international menace!  Now we’re getting somewhere. This dude could muscle the Starks out of the picture. I've never seen a serial where the bad guy is replaced by a worse bad guy, but it could happen.

He wants the Starks to steal a new radio control, which could be used in tanks. He’s obviously German, but no one can say he’s a Ever the secretary, she even writes it in formal form.

Tracy, thus alerted, goes with her, after telling the entire office to stand by: there may be action! Off to the Bad Part of Town, which looks, in this print, like a strange dream world.

He falls through a trap door, and the Starks have the drop on him, but let’s just say they screw up that like everything else.

There is this fun little moment:


The main Starks got out, though. And they kidnapped Junior, the little kid in the hotel bellboy uniform who hangs around the FBI all day for some reason. Tracy has to exchange himself for Junior.

Long story short, Junior escapes - but not before he overhears the Starks saying the gate to the house where he’s kept is booby-trapped.

Will he warn them in time?

Tracy is done fooling around with the Starks, I think.

  That will  have to do. Matches await!




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