September went out as it came in. One of the best I can recall, although to be honest I haven’t detailed records of my collected September Opinions. It’s a good month when the heat never goes on, and the penultimate day hears the thrum of the air conditioner.

Nothing but scut work today and no trip to the office; too early to start the Pumpkinification. Most of what I’ve done does not bear relating, and you know what a low standard that is. I would just like to say that I deserve a MacArthur grant so I can hire someone to scan. It would be nice.

Oh: the dog was barking in his mad stranger mode today. Mailman? Too early. No, there was someone at the door. A mayoral candidate, as it turns out. We had a good, quick, productive talk. Brief scan of the issues, and you need not elaborate. There is no elaboration required. There is no nuance I need to hear. Yea or nay, up or down. It’s bedrock stuff. It was pleasant. Birch liked him, and he is prone to wanting to nip for reasons that are often inscrutable. I think it’s a certain kind of guy. Beards unnerve him.

This would make a good campaign: Birch, looking calm but keen, with the phrase “I Do Not Want to Bite Him.” Can’t say that for all of them.


Let's see what's going on in the Detritus folder. I set this aside from a scavenging of a 1947. Pure late 40s style. Luridly hideous and also strangely beautiful.

Imagine a world in which such objects were commonplace. I mean, it's a jukebox, so it's not a precious luxury enjoyed by the vfew. I imagine the owner would despair over how marked up it got after just a few months.

Message from my home sound system. I couldn’t agree more.

Yes, the perfect stock images are available when your project calls for some sullen, miserable person:

I'm trying to imagine when this would be the perfect stock asset.  I suppose she’s supposed to be serious and intense and super savvy or something. The look of curdled contempt isn’t for you, it’s for the Haters!

She . . . she’s joking, right?

Subsequent tweets indicated that she was not joking.

For a moment I thought Herald Messier was the winner of the election:

By the way, this is the source of the banner. Sometimes your camera switches to "alternate dimension mode" while in your pocket, or in your hand, and sends back the most interesting images. This planet appears to have polar light shows, electrical activity, and great dust storms. Perhaps it's gas.


Now we start looking at the building from other angles. You know it from the Nicollet Ave view; here’s how it faces Washington, a busy broad avenue that will provide its most popular view.

Long ago I took a picture of the tower starting to appear in the facade of the old Federal Reserve across the street. Now:

No more weekly sweep, because it’s topped off. We’ll do this for a while until we can get inside.

The space I showed you last week has been covered, never to see the sun again for a very long time.

This is one of the decorative areas by an entrance, and looks like something you would see in an old science-fiction movie set far in the future:


The Firehouse Project is getting some steel. Wonder where it comes from.


A little bit more here than they're letting on, I think,


Lance is wise in the ways of scarves. Too bad he's been reduced a foot in height by the dialogue.

Solution is here.



When Lum and Abner returned from the fortnight hiatus, it got . . . loosey-gooesy. They changed the opening dialogue. For years it had been the three rings of the telephone, then dialogue: I- Grannies Abner I believe that's our ring. I-doggies Lum, I believe you're right. Now:


And then this one:

As long as we're shaking things up, why not break the 4th wall?



They'd never done anything like that before.


"There's" vs. "There is" throws off the meter.



I don't think production costs on this one exceeded the art budget.



1979: Cool beans.


  Thanks for your visits this week! Hope it was worth your time.




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