This view is completely normal, except it's not. What's missing?

The fence. It came down. The boards are coming down all around town.


But slowly.

I don't know what they're waiting for.

Let’s see, what did I screenshot this week so I could have a predictable conniption fit later?

An ad, served up to my work inbox.

Two things. First, I doubt quantities are limited. Why, I’ll bet they can make more. I’d even bet they print them on demand.

Two, that line has always grated on my nerves. It’s so dismissive and casual contemptuous. Why wouldn’t I understand? What particular twist on the human experience have you invented that would surpass my comprehension? I can understand “it’s an Amazon rain forest tribe that never had contact with the modern world thing,” but even then, if it’s a matter of the tribal members expressing astonishment at a motorboat engine, I would understand it. If it’s a matter of the tribal members wanting to hit with a poison blow dart I would understand it.

Oh, knock it off.

Of course it’s fine for adults to love Disney World. If I approve of the reasons, of course. Yes, some people have an oddly childish attachment and obsession, as if they’re trying to fill a child-sized hole in their life by being a child themselves. Just as a man today should probably wear a fedora ironically, so should he wear the mouse ears ironically, if at all.

But it is a fascinating place as a cultural artifact. Just as a commercial machine, it’s remarkable. And thanks to the old cartoons, it’s one of the only places besides museums that builds a bridge between contemporary culture and the Old Times. The old cartoons are soaked in the mores of their times, well as the colors, the graphic styles, the comic tropes, all of that. Now, I’m not a Mickey guy, although I enjoyed Daughter’s Disney period, when we would watch the DVDs I got in the limited edition tins. Always a Warner Brothers guy. An adult can watch the Band Concert cartoon and enjoy the animation and some of the gags, but it skews tot-wise these days.

I wouldn’t be worried about adults who like Disney. I would be more worried about adults whose entire cultural universe consists of superhero movies and websites that talk about superhero movies and have stories like "Seven things you didn't know about the Talking Raccoon in 'Guardians of the Galaxy." I enjoy watching these movies, but there is nothing I need to know about the Talking Raccoon.

That was it, aside from some idiotic tweets I thought I might turn into something, but then again, why. Sometimes I think: we all know what we know. Perhaps just leave it at that.

It's a new view, I'll give it that. It's interesting.

But it has the effect of turning the old Federal Reserve into a canvas for another building, instead of the sky. Ah well. Cities change.

The Washington Avenue elevation. I can't shake the feeling that the building is carrying a smaller building in a Snugli.

The weekly sweep:

And just because we're walking around downtown, a nice scene at the light rail stop.


"Roommate," eh.


"Okay, how abouit this story?"

Solution is here.



I have but one actuality today. It's part of my collection of radio fights. Are they convincing, or not?



It's "Tales of the Texas Rangers," starring Joel McCray. high quality sound. Remember, radio in his heyday wasn't scratchy and trebly. It was this.








"It doesn't seem to be like you know how to hold it or play it, but that's okay with me."


Couldn't find the album online. Listen while you can; it'll be gone by nightfall.



Let us all take to the streets and march on behalf of cigarettes!

That'll do! Thank you for your visits this week. I hope next week is just as good, if you liked it, or better, if you didn't.



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