The view from my office was almost like something out of New York, where old buildings seem perpetually obscured by scaffolding. But the boarded-up ground floor was new.

Of course I had to take a walk and see what the rest of downtown looked like. The beautiful Gavidaae Commons was contributing to the local economy:

The faceted facade of the IDS presented an opportunity for Artistry in Plywood.

The old Midwest Federal Building has been updated and overhauled for a new century; it looks quite different inside. Not that you'd be able to tell for yourself.

The vibrant, bustling corner where the RSM and IDS meet:

The white brick and arches date it to the early 70s. The fresh wood date it to the summer of 2020.

Down the street, where this building was once the best shoe store in town. Target has it now, but if there's anyone working in there, the view is poor.

Note: there is no one working in there. The main store is across the street.

Dry now.

If you peek through a skyway store's grate, you see signs of hope:

Oh, no, wait, they meant last April.

Back down on the street, the Local is not serving fine Irish whiskeys today.

But don't despair. Saks Fifth Avenue outlook is rooting for us.

Well, as they say, this is what Democracy looks like: preemptively bracing for even more democracy.




It's 1965, and we are in Canada.

Makes washing dishes fun!

No, it doesn’t, but it makes for a nice ad.

A rather delightful ad. IF YOU SWING:

About the 83:

Seagram’s has a rich and storied history which can be dated back to 1857 when the Granite Mills and Waterloo Distillery Company was formed. About seven years later, Joseph Seagram joined the company and by 1911 the company was known as Joseph E. Seagram & Sons. Today, over 100 years later, the Seagram name is still in use as a brand, but ownership of this whisky has been passed on to Diageo who now use the aged stocks at their Valleyfield Distillery in Quebec to produce the whisky.

Like the previously reviewed Seagram’s VO, the Seagram’s 83 is what I term, an ‘old-fashioned’ Canadian rye whisky. The emphasis is on rye flavour blended into the whisky to be enjoyed in those tall cocktails us Canadians enjoy so much all year round.

Because OF COURSE that is what a Canadian portable TV ad would show.


Some day the last people who get this reference will pass away, and there will be naught to explain why everyone seemed to know about this

That's what Indian guys did. They sat on nails to meditate.

If it’s so good, why isn’t anyone drinking it:?

I've never been eager to drink gin made by a brand known for whiskeys.

Bring the new, bright, lively look of ASBESTOS into your home:

Today you have learned the phrase Canadiana Plank Facsimiles.


It was a sign of affluence to have two phones, and we always were envious of those people whose phones were in COLOR!

Sorry, Colour.

“I say, it’s just dandy to be photographed in Montreal and then have some clever chap cut it out and paste us over a stock photo, don’t you think?”

“Turn this sort of thing over to us.”

Oh, what a pleasant thought for those who had made enough to be able to afford just that.


That'll do for today. Buckle up, Buttercup.






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