A trip to the Party Store yielded today's banner. You could probably use it for one of those "How I felt when 2020 started" and "How I feel now" twitter things.

Well, we're done for the week, and it's been a peculiar one. Felt short in retrospect and long as experienced, which is the suual way of things - the days are long, the years are short. As usual I find myself toting up the things I neglected to do. Well, next week! The only thing I had to do was return a package to Amazon, the stupid broken useless security camera. Amazon has opened up a return station in a local department store, which seems like planting a parasite in the body of a healthy host.

When my return was finished I got five dollars to spend at the store. I'm sure Amazon popped for that. It's like the whole thing is a clever way to avoid being regulated or broken up. See? We're helping!

i didn't buy anything.

the other day, I found myself doing a double-take, then laughing.

When you're relieved to discover that your kidneys did not fail:

After the spirits store I went to the Apple Store to get something, but was denied entry. I did not have an appointment.

But I know what I want, it's simple.

Sorry, but you can buy it online -

Yes indeed but here I am, desiring to give you money.


Big white empty store. About ten people inside.

And now, for October . . .

The last installment, obviously. It wouldn't be Halloween without potato mush formed into ectoplasmic archetypes.

Their silent screams beg for release

Meanwhile, something new. I think.


See, it's green, and hence it is spooky. Rear back in terrorr.

Finally, if you're agnostic:

That's it, really. Not the biggest batch this year. Or perhaps my eyes don't see them because it's not ten years ago and I'm not trying to make Halloween Special for Daughter, in those fun little detailed ways.

Some different views! The reflection in the Middle Federal Reserve (there are three buildings downtown that were, or are, the Fed.)

The view on Hennepin heading west. It'll be quite the introduction to downtown.

And the boring standard view.

The weekly sweep:

I suppose I should give you a look at the Larking, since that's starting its journey up.

It still seems a bit doomed. But someone will live there, some day.


No Lance, because it's the end of the month. And that means . . .

We never see him. Or her. Just the judge. It should be named after him, no?


The suspense is murder, isn't it

Solution is here.







Yes, the last Friday of the month is Jingle Day! Thrill with us as Anita's singers set the stage for your listening pleasure with the shouts that defined an era - and still define the medium, if you ask me.




As swank a bassoon line as you'll hear today. (Unless it's actually a sax.)




No, no! You only use that for news!




Why didn't anyone use that guitar riff in a swingin' hit?






I've never really liked Dixie. I don't know why. But my dad had a single of "Java," and hence I've always had a soft spot for Al.



Salada makes a rather post-modern ad. Muffled copy, but pretty sure it's Stan.


That'll do. It'll have to! And by "that'll do" I mean there is, of course, more at the Institute. See you Monday,



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