It . . . snowed.

All day.

Too soon. I’m doing a column on it, so I’ll hold my fire. Enough to say that it snowed, all day, and it’s too soon. None of it stuck, but it was a lesson, a brick through the window.

Ordinary Monday. Went downtown, because I have to. There’s good news!

A coffee shop is open! I went in! No clerk! Left!

I think the coffee shop in my building is open as well. It's a start.

The return of what was formerly the most normal thing in the world is a start. In late October. The firepit has been activated, though! Always one of my favorite places in the building. A nice toasty warm fire around which you can sit and thaw. The fire was on today.

The chairs are roped off, and you can't sit near it, or congregate. You have to move along.





I hate to embed videos, as I’ve often said. They’re long! Who has the time! Who cares! That’s why most of the clips I post on the Bleat are self-hosted and short, and also short. When you see a clip from me, you know it’s concise.

But. I must. This is the quality content I desire from my YouTube experience. It’s about the ill-starred Rax fast food chain, their commercials, their inability to land on a guiding identity. There’s something else, though. There’s an 80s / 90s lame japery that seemed normal at the time - the faces people made, the way they behaved, tossed off their lines. Now it’s on the other side of the Wall.

He is wrong, however, when he says “ads were bad in the 80s and 90s.” Some were, of course. In general? No. They fit the times perfectly.

Anyway, we’re grateful for this concise illustration of the Rax Identity Problem, and the bizarre last-effort push for market share, Mr. Delicious. I don’t think there’s an era in which it would fit. Then? Too off-kilter. Now? TRYING TOO HARD TO BE A MEME. It’s a campaign that came pre-damned for all the ages.

The reason I enjoy these little commercial moments: the shows of the era bore me, with a few exceptions. Miami Vice, Private Eye, Crime Story, ST: TNG. Maybe Molly Brown.

Was that the name of the show? Lives and loves of Molly Brown? Had a crush on the actress. Blair . . .Blair Brown. Molly Dodd. Days and Nights of Molly Dodd.

Hadn’t thought about that for decades. Late 80s TV. Critically acclaimed! Forgotten. Behold, the Irish Jewish Mother voice-over.

Note how the mournful theme resolves to major at the end so we don’t think she ends up unhappy.

They were going for an updated Mary Tyler Moore vibe in season two.

The thing about Molly is that you suspected she would be utterly uninterested in discussing the meaning of Mr. Delicious, but would have enjoyed a date with the guy who created it. But only one date.



Seems like old times, eh?

Daddy? Why don’t you have a book about you? Does Mommy make all the moneys?


Waaaaait a minute

Hold on

Is this parallel-universe Elsie


It isn’t her idea.


  You’ll note that Elmer almost swears. Everyone knows he was going to swear, because he’s quoting a famous cartoon.

Tote these things FOR CANADA.

I guess they’d have to change her citizenship. I’d like to think they were dual-nationals.

I wonder if Canadians thought she belonged to them.



Now that you’re out of the home and into the factory operating heavy machinery designed to produce materiel that will sever men from their limbs, you’re more likely to get a nick or two

The hideous gust of denture breath maid the kids reel back in anticipated horror when she drew in for a smooch.

What a fantastic Upper-Class Boatswoman name: Faraday Benedict.

About her we know nothing else, since the google is silent but for a mention of her name . . . and some egg recipes.


That'll do; see you around.



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