It’s Friday! To state the screamingly obvious! I hope you’re in a situation where Friday feels like Friday. The blurring of the distinctions between work and home has been hard on the idea of Friday, and I don’t know if people will be eager to embrace TGIF once they’ve gotten used to Thursday being kinda, sorta Friday? For some, anyway.

I wonder what I would have thought 19 years ago reading that paragraph. Relief, that everything was normal? Curiosity about why Friday wasn’t Friday so much for many? Maybe things were going so well we’d done the four-day work week, like France. Was the war over?

Yes . . . and no.

Did we win?

Those words don’t apply anymore.

Did the worst happen?

No. Not here. Something else happened that turned out to have a more significant impact, from arteries of the nation to the capillaries, and no one quite knows what’s going on.

Except that it’s not like 9/11, at all.

It’ll be over in two weeks. Well, four. Well, after November, depending.

Spring’s looking good. We just have this winter ahead. Everyone should have their shots by then.

For what?

There's a bug. It wasn't even the one we feared, but it still rewrote damned near everything.

Well, let's lighten up and look at a lot of irrelevant stuff and listen to things. DEEE-TRITUS

  It has begun. Winter means spices, right? I guess. Mulling and all that. The package has brown elements, which indicate fall, more than winter. Have they decided not to make Fall Coffee, because they've ceded the entire field to Cider.

I saw this at Home Depot last week, and it was somehow touching.


It's offering free inspections of your water heater. Have you checked it lately? Do you know how old it is? They can help! Here's some candy!


This thing looks like it shot out of a time rift from 1963. No one does Carnivals of Savings anymore, do they?

From my vast collection of things with almost no monetary value whatsover, I bring you this week's entry.

  Yes, you're right, I am rotating between three or four countries. That's what came in the big twenty-five cent sampler.

No longer named the Owen Falls dam, of course.

The Owen Falls was a waterfall on the White Nile in Uganda near the city of Jinja. The falls, together with the nearby Ripon Falls, were submerged in 1954 with the completion of the Nalubaale Hydroelectric Power Station. The dam that houses the power station was originally named Owen Falls Dam, but was later renamed Nalubaale Dam and the name of the power station was also changed, from Owen Falls Power Station to Nalubaale Power Station.

No big picture of the RBC Gateway today. Might hold off for a week or two or three to let the impact of new construction seem more impressive.

The Larking, which will be tall, is at ground level.

But I will give you the weekly sweep:


Lance is a naif when it comes to the viciousness of academic politics:

Solution is here.



Just one little clip today, from the Author's Playhouse program.



Original music, you say.




Oh man, do I love this.








New and improved: the stuff you put on your face does not burn anymore!

That'll do - head off to the early 60s, if you wish. It's the last entry in Chain Store Age for a year - and it ends with something of a surprise, or not. Depends on how much anyone notices these things.



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