How many seasonal-specific banners does this guy have? you ask. Lots. But: is that a rockm, or someone's head? I've no idea where the source material is - waaaay back in the archives.

Maybe it's a rift in the universe, starting to expand into their happy world.

It's only now that I began to be unnerved by her right arm.

You know what I haven't talked about lately? The Covidian Miasma!

New sign at the building next to our HQ. I'm interested in this genre. Every building has its own style, which is good - it would be creepy and a weeeentsy bit totalitarian if they were all the same, everywhere.

It's less detailed than its predecessor, which broadcast its innumerable warnings to a mostly empty skyway.

The protocol has shifted downtown: I'd say 65, 70% of the people wear masks on the street. This . . . seems nuts. We're not talking dense sidewalks with people jostling one another as they spill out of trains. There's hardly anyone around, and that goes for the skyways too. On Wednesday I was headed to the elevator, and there was a guy behind me, and he was going to get on . . . but he hesitated, and stood back. I was all ready to say "I haven't shared an elevator with another human being since April!"

But the opportunity did not arise.

This is going to be one of those things to which people will have to adjust when we're allowed to get together again.

I think this has been an overreaction. Can I say that?

Walking Birch the day after a neighborhood block party, I noticed something on the street. The block party had been subdued - no food, of course. OF COURSE! No chairs.

Everyone had a circle in which to stand.

Will it be different by Winter?

No, I don't think it will. Got the info today about the return to the office. There will be signs and markers that keep people from passing in the hallway. Desks will be spaced.

And everyone will wear masks.

I think we overreacted by a factor of 50, but who am I to say.

From my vast collection of things with almost no monetary value whatsover, I bring you this week's entry.

Comrades! Eliminate them! They are the wreckers of the people's crops!

1964. This page says it was worth "3 Bulgarian stotinka."

100 stotinka equal one Lev, which is worth 61 cents.


After all these weeks - months! - of shots from particular locations, I'm trying to put it in context.

The old Fedferal Reserve is on the right; here's another angle with the reflection rising to take away that big blue vista.

Our weekly sweep.

These will get longer as time goes on, you know.

If I may: when you turn around by the Federal Reserve. you see this. MINNEAPOLIS IN RUINS


The fountains are on at the Government Center, and the Public Services building looks nice.

Better in person than in the pictures.


If the Peter Parker story had gone the other way:

Solution is here.





Once again he is wishing us the time of day.


What's the concept this time?

Vibrations. Being in Key. Harmony. Note: THERE IS A MISSUS STROLLIN'




What you don't want is . . . inharmony.




He's got a point, but I'm not sure he's preaching to people who disagree. Or maybe they just needed to hear it.




Once again: we have, indeed, had a time.





This . . . is an utter affront to his legacy in this field, and signals the decline of everything.





I mean. From Bobby Hackett's horn, to this.



No one had a misty tipsy moment while listening to this.





1962: pour on the good-tastin' chemicals!


That'll do. Better week than last, so there's that! And now it's time for the weekend. Thank you for your visits, and we'll see you Monday.



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