Went to the state fair today. No there is no state fair. But I did a series of videos with ace videographer Shari that will run during the state fair, to give people a little history and a little sights if not sounds of the fairgrounds.

It was, strange to see the place empty Dash I’ve been there many times when it was empty, but that was usually when it was starting to set up or just finished, in the spirit of the fair was present. This year it was just shuttered buildings and look behind the curtain at what’s inside when there’s no fair to come.

Some buildings had the feel of a stage between plays, with props and scenery piled against the wall.


But! We were not here to mourn. We were here to tell stories about the buildings, so we shot seven quick pieces in three hours, did some fun stuff under the grandstand which was a forest of columns I’ve never noticed before. Took quite a lot in 1909 to keep that structure aloft.


Tried to bring some cheer to it, and I think it worked, but it was sad and surreal, like it’s over, like it all went out of businesses. At least Daughter came along to be a grip, which was great. Hope she’ll remember these sorts of things and think fondly on them.




It's 1950.

"Ginger-upper" is not as appealing or convincing term as you might expect and when you add the implied aromas of feces-soiled hay and unwashed clown, well, you just want to say "try again."

But there's actually a reason for this, and it'll be apparent when the 1950s Ads > Soda > Canada Dry section goes up next year.

What will you do with all those accumulated strokes you’ve saved?

If if cuts down stroking by 40 percent, and you used to make 100 strokes but now make 60 per session, you will end up with thousands of unused strokes after a few years.


As she tightens the strings around his neck and he begins to lose consciousness, a giddy, delirious mood swamps his expiring brain

“It’s light and tiny, but it sounds like your living room console.”

Uh huh.

It’s been a long time since the price of a cigarette was used to communicate how little one would pay


NOW WITH SUGAR-BLASTED METH! Whether the artist was known for his ability to depict insanity, or whether he was instructed to dial the glee up past tolerance levels, I don’t know. It’s an interesting image for other reasons - take a look at the charm bracelet, which suggests Big Teen Fad of the day. Other details we may not know. Probably don’t know.

I don’t know anyone who ate Post Toasties when there were Corn Flakes around; Kelloggs seemed to own that market. But I had them once, and decided they were better. It’s like trying RC Cola or Hunts and realizing that the dominant paradigm may have had something other than untrammeled virtue on its side.

The secretary smiled at him today

He smiled back and held it for a moment longer than usual

She broke off after a moment, but when she got to the door, she looked back at him

Bless his heart, he’s doing something around the kitchen for once, and God knows it’ll be a year before he does anything else, but there he is! Look at your daddy! With your eyes! That are in your freakishly large head!

Turns out all those warnings about the effects of fallout on organic life were absolutely correct.



That'll have to do. See you around.



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