Happy Fourth! Whoo-hoo! Two-day weekend!

At least for us, and that’s fine. All expectations of everything have been diminished by 67%. The neighborhood is having a Patriotic Display Competition - everyone encouraged to festoon their house for the Fourth, with passersby voting on who had the best display. Wife wanted to play the Star Spangled Banner on loop; Daughter groaned at what she perceived to be the obvious cheesiness of if, I volunteered to play Arthur Fiedler & the Boston Pops patriotic albums, which wouldn’t loop so much.

The fireworks have been going off all week, and let me tell you: everyone has the big stuff. The 500g cakes. Why? Because everyone expects that they will not suffer any consequences from the police. Part of it might be opportunistic - eh, they’re busy - and part no doubt is disregard for the appearance of authority.

Let's enjoy some Fireworks Art! They're always bad, but sometimes they're charmingly bad - Chinese graphics, for example. Then there's this:

Let's look at some details:

What's in the background? Shirts on the line?

Take a look at his tattoo:

You just have to know that's another product of theirs; I checked the website.

The artist took the file and pasted it on the arm, and didn't even do a warp transform to make it look as if it fit the arm shape.

Here's another classic:

I'm not saying it's a nostalgic throwback to the airbrush era BUT


The date I put on this editorial cartoon was "1920." Which makes for an interesting problem.

Because it's far too early for the National Recovery Act.

Update on the apartment / condo boom on Washington Avenue. Fro some reason I keep thinking of this as Wilf Place.

The RBC Gateway building is starting to pay off. Aren't you glad you've been following this feature weekly? How you snort with derision at the people who are just joining us now. They weren't there during the difficult Pit Days.

The weekly five-second sweep. The apartment on the other side of Hennepin is starting to lap the RBC.


No Lance, because it's a hiatus.




The Fourth of Jooo-ly picanic. A rather low-key ep.



That's Lum on the left - "L. Edwards" when he's feeling fancy" - and Abner on the right.

It’s the usual slow burn, and the appeal comes with visiting the old fellows four times a week, and slipping into their banter. All the characters they mention were either refered to over the years but never showed, or they were characters the two played.

I'm not sure why Lauck, who played Lum, is on the verge of laughter a few times.




Once upon a time they sold albums of orchestras playing patriotic music.








1975: NWBell.

Remember Bells?



There you have it. Have a fine Fourth.



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