I tried to call up a certain station on Spotify tonight - Ambient Low Chill Vibe Take it Easy Relax Breathe Now and Then, I think; don't know why that one appealed - and I was told "this radio station cannot be started." It's one of their feeds, so this seemed odd. Googled around. Known problem. Many causes.

And I thought . . . nevermind. Put that one over in the bin of things that aren't now.

It's a full bin, isn't it? Things That Aren't Now. I had a section of a column I took out for space, and it considered what would happen if suddenly doughnuts were over. There just weren't any doughnuts anymore.


Yeah, but I like doughnuts, and I like the idea of being in a world with doughnuts

Really? The cake ones, all dry and crumbly? This is the hill you're going to die on?

No, I prefered a fresh maple glazed.

Really nice that you're wanting a donut when (personally most important issue goes here)

Maybe I'll just have a bagel.


Believe it or not, this is good news: it means the glass wasn't broken.

I don't think downtown got hit too badly. There wasn't anything to steal downtown.

This used to be the Extemp, a lefty coffee shop on the West Bank. You know what I mean by that, right? The posters, the free copies of activist zines, folk singers on the weekends.

Wonder if the old Extemp would have boarded up its windows. Probably not.

The gas station in the neighborhood:

Wasn't hit. No one came around. It was shut down - no gas - for a couple of days.

The grocery store:

Like everything else, no one knows when they'll be back to normal. Maybe the boards are off today. Maybe they'll be off next week. I suspect that a few will say that taking off the boards is problematic, since it implies that things are back to normal. The correct thing to do would be leaving them up, and commissioning murals. There wouldn't be any natural illumination in the stores anymore, but I've had enough of your light privilege.

Sorry for the mood, but we're all a bit drained, no? Enough of all that. Friday stuff.

From my vast collection of things with almost no monetary value whatsover, I bring you this week's entry.

Another entry in the Mongolian Fish series. It is, obviously, the Lucioperca Marina Cuvier. As for the country at this time, it was about to throw its lot in with the USSR, whcih angered China - especially after the Russians put nukes in the country.

Not that you'd expect to see that on the stamp, but there's your backstory.

The weekly sweep. We're still building.


Sometimes Lance just has to shut down the grifters:

Solution is here.






I can't believe it's already been a month. Well, let's spend some time and share some deep thoughts.

Hello, ev'ry body

So that's our subject?

Also, is that the game you thought he'd play?






"I got t' thinkin' about that as it applies to life"

That's your whole gig Tom






When golfing, keep your nose to the grindstone





Bye now



"Swing and sway" was his long-standing motto - that was the name of his first hit in 1937. This was 30 years later. 1967, so it had to be Groovy.





This one doesn't appear in the Wikipedia discography, and I mention this only to note that I couldn't care less.




1940-something: the days when news wasn't streaming in your ears and eyes all day.

That'll do. I'd say "enjoy the weekend," but you never know. I'll say it anyway.




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