Another week without the COVID19 bursting out everywhere in huge alarming numbers, so there’s that. I vacillate between:

A general attitude of “meh, we’ve been through this, media is milking it, lots of tremulous people on the internet who constantly live in a state of impending panic and collapse are displacing their personal issues into this to seem super-concerned and intelligent”


B “That long thread of evidence compiled by a thoughtful medical person is not good, but on the other hand, how do I know they’re not a Russian Bot?”

If you read a lot, you get whipsawed. For most people who get it, they'll think they have a cold, if they feel anything at all. Also, Iran is running out of morgue space.

What’s interesting about these times is the way events seem to drill right down to the bone and reveal what’s always been there, but now feels emboldened to geyser out to the surface. You can learn a lot. I watched “The Flu,” a South Korean movie about, well, the flu, and was surprised to find that the bad guys in the pandemic response were the US officials. They showed up and took control and insisted on killing everyone. AND THE SOUTH KOREAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS SAID OKAY. Eventually a young charismatic politician stood up to the Yanks, and threatened to blow up all the US planes sent in to wipe out an entire city.

Now . . . this wouldn’t work in a US version of the movie, because we’d never for a moment believe that anyone in the government would let a foreign nation take over. And I doubt the US would do that in SK anyway. But if you believe the movie, the South Korean audience believes we would, and believe their political establishment would go along with it.

The amount of resentment this implies is enormous, and deep. But I say that having just watched a movie.

It's this time of the year.

But in the midst of grit and dirt, there are signs of lightness and grace:

This was assembled in the lobby at work yesterday. Tomorrow we'll see where it goes, and what it looks like.

I've said enough this week, right? Let's get to fun pictures and such.

I clicked on a crappy link because Daughter used to watch the show.


Well, then there really isn’t any point in writing an article about it, is there? Unless you’re trying to anger the remaining fans who DO NOT think it’s clear, thank you very much



  So this is a site devoted entirely to stating the obvious?

Everyone working for this site should be beaten about the head with a baguette


The Nicollet Hotel block site: now we're getting somewhere.

There's part of a floor above the ground.

I forgot to keep you apprised of the building right across the street. Well:



Just a pit, but this is what's coming.


Meanwhile, the wraps are coming off the Public Service Building:

I'm still optimistic.

From my vast collection of things with almost no monetary value whatsover, I bring you this week's entry.

Charming. And full of mystery: the engraver, I presume, was J. Van Noten.

S. A. - South Africa, where one would send out for engraving jobs. Courvoisier? Cognag results on Google swamp the search effort, and I'm not all that interested in finding out the answer.




I wonder what the 40s version of the Miami Vice theme would sound like.


Solution is here.





Hello, ever-y-body! Hello.

Let's drop in on our old new friend, the homespun philosopher dealing plain truths and extrapolating all sorts of things from things like . . . well, you figure it out.




You know, life's a lot like books








If you're a James Ellroy fan, and I was, it was a thrill to talk to Dick Contino on the phone, which I did. But that's another story.









1951. Wrigley Gum. Go chew some, woncha

That'll do. Good week! Hope next one's good, too. Perhaps another week of slow burn before the surge and the news really ramps up to 24-7 end-times reports.




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