Friday! Huzzah. The Four Rewards await. (Pizza, bourbon, popcorn, ice cream.) There’s nothing like finishing the four rewards and knowing I can do it again on Saturday, even though it’s not the same. Saturdays . . . I don’t them. I don’t like weekends, to be honest, and itch a bit for them to pass. All the usual duties and routines are replaced by this vast yawning expanse of time where I have to do stuff around the house. I vacuum and clean cupboards and clean the fridge - although that might not be done this weekend, since I’m getting a new one.

It might have a screen. I think I need a screen on the fridge to distract me from the one in my hand.

The main reason for getting a fridge? The Electrolux I have now has broken drawers. There are three drawers. There are, in one way or another, broken. Why? Because the parts that attach the drawers to the runners are made of plastic, and cold plastic tends to get fatigued and brittle. It’s ridiculously stupid design. To get the baskets out for cleaning you have to force them to disengage from the runners, and after a while they break.

Since the fridge is about 8 years old, I’m sure the compressor will go soon anyway.

Oh, and the stove’s about to die. It’s a good solid stove, but the front control panel has already died once. It gave an F1 error code. Remember that? Years ago? I found the number of a place out east that replaced circuit boards for the Thermador, called it up, and the guy on the other end answered by saying “You got an F1 code on your Thermador oven.”

Uh -

Yeeessss, I do.

I figured he had different phone numbers for each brand; that’s the only explanation. A line rings, he knows exactly what it’s about. Anyway, the reason the circuit board fails is because there are physical buttons on the front to control the light, the clock, and so on. If you spray cleaner on the front, or just use a wet cloth, moisture gets into the unit and shorts it out.

A month ago I got another F1 beep, and the only way to cure it was to hit the circuit breaker. The cost of the board is 1/3 the cost of a new oven.

So, yes: everything is failing at once, or about to fail. The dishwasher soldiers on, although I replaced the old Electrolux years ago because the controls were situated on the top-inside door, and they shorted out due to water.

The people who experience these things will never buy an Electrolux product again, but they are replaced by people who know nothing of this.

The only brands that have never failed me are Honda, Stickley, and Maker’s Mark.

The temperatures have dipped, shall we say. The remote temperature sensor this morning appeared to be broadcasting a message from Jack the Ripper.


The device has been bonkers for some time; before it gave a dispatch from HELL it told me it was 55 below. Which was silly; it was only 2 below.

"Hey why would it suggest hell when it was cold? Hell is hot."

Do you even Dante, bro?

I think I saved this because it represents the absolute polar opposite of my own concerns, and reminds you that this is what people do when they don't get that whole "following politics and economics and other subjects" part:


This one, I am ashamed to say, has appeared in the stinking chum at the bottom of the comments.

The implication is clear, thanks to the photoshopped leg, but it makes you wonder about the demographics of this ad. (It was on another site, don't remember which. Because when you look at the next one . . .


So . . . just the other day you were watching M*A*S*H? No you weren't. No one is sitting around fact-checking a show that's been gone for decades.

But for the foot-fungus / 6 signs of psychotic seborreah crowd, this was an important show, so hit 'em with it.


I get these when running the browser that has absolutely no cookies or tracking allowed, so they're spraying this crap on any site whose politics they assume mean the person is older, and not particularly savvy about the wilds of the internet. Some guy in his sixties who thinks oh hey maybe there are pictures of Marcia Brady flashing the crew! Nope, but hey, here's a story about that for one food I should eat because I've been worried about Fatty Liver ever since those ads start showing up.


Compared to last week, it not only looks the same, it looks as if they removed the floor that was peeking over the street level.

Obviously that is not the case.

  A reminder of what we're waiting for.

Weekly progress on the new Public Service building.

It looks less light-and-transparent the more the facade goes up.

From my vast collection of things with almost no monetary value whatsover, I bring you this week's entry.

A Jubilee of Guiding! Wikipedia says the Girl Guides were founded in 1927, so . . . hmm. Also: "Guiding groups formed in Australia as early as 1909." That's no help. Looks like they're including the date for the founding of the Boy Scouts.

The old Guide Promise:

I promise that I will do my best:
To do my duty to God,
to serve the Queen and my country,
To help other people, and
To keep the Guide Law.

This has been altered to fit the times:

I promise that I will do my best
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs
To serve my community and Australia
And live by the Guide Law.

One's own beliefs being the highest obligation one must follow, you know.


The man speaks in Roman numerals!


Solution is here.





One of the things I wanted to do this year was Pretender Shows - programs obviously based on some other radio success. The Dragnet Pretenders were the most obvious, but . . . man, this one. Guys. C'mon.

I'm thinking . . . this was meant to remind people of something else.




There's an original backstory.




Everything but the pitiless chuckle. That would've earned them a lawsuit.




It's "color-tone" sound! In other words, exaggerated stereo separation and treble boosted waaaay the heck up.




It's stabby white!





Continuing with our ads of the 1970s - a new era of radio ads. This one's from 1973.

That'll do - have a great weekend! The Chain Store Age starts out back in the Drugstore number; I seem to have misplaced the cover for this one, or there wasn't one. No matter. The covers weren't anything special, and it's the ads we love.



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