Sorry if you saw this on Monday. It was going to be a Monday entry, but I bumped it, knowing I'd be writing a column Wednesday night

Hey hey too much sausage-making explaining here, you're ruining the magic

Really? Here's some more illusion-spoiling: I have the below-the-fold features written out for the month. I get a bit nervous if I don't have the TV entry done by Thursday night. There's a lot of pressure here, for no reason at all except I don't want to break the string. Took one of our interns to coffee today, and noted that I had been blogging longer than she was alive, and yes I felt old, but also determined not to stop.

Why would I stop?


As I mentioned before, I got a new computer to replace the 5-year old iMac. It had replaced an equally old computer, and I used the old iMac as a second monitor. Once you get used to two, you have to have two.

Connecting them was simple - a cord with a particular proprietary plug linked them both, press F2, and Bob is your father’s brother.
Figured it would be the same thing here.

Oh foolish, foolish me.

The plug that fit in the back of the old one did not fit in the back of the new one. There was no port for it. Googling around, I discovered I’d need an adaptor, and this being Apple, it was hideously expensive. But! That’s your guarantee of quality. Really, it is; chips are involved, and you never know when you get something from some Chinese outfit that cuts so many corners the factory is located in a round building. (Oddly enough that line works better with Apple itself, but never mind.) I went to the Apple Store, found the dongle, and chatted with a clerk about my intentions. He was my age or so, and we had a nice old Mac geek talk.

These kids today, they have no idea what it was like in the dark era. The grim times of Performas and Quadras. When it seemed like Microsoft would eat the world whole, and we would stuck with Windoze. And now . . .

We waved our arms around the busy store.

And now this. We have devices the likes of which we never imagined then. Well no we imagined them, because we were Savvy! But it seemed unlikely Apple would provide them. Anyway great chat thanks, see you around.

Went home, hooked up the dongle, plugged it in, F2.


Huh. Could be the keyboard: try a spare. Nuthin’. Try a port on a laptop. Nuthin’. Huh. Google it.

The 2014 iMac is supported for Target Display Mode, but the LATE 2014 iMac is not. Also, Target Display Mode is going away.

Huh. Hrhm. Grrr.

It’s probably because Apple is working for one standard plug, period; the EU is making noise about requiring one standard plug for everything, to reduce waste. I will welcome that day eventually, because it means the Drawer of Many Cords can be emptied for good. I have legacy cords for everything, and cannot bear to part with the last examples. I have ten versions, at least, of every possible connecting cord. This one, for example -

  What the hell is that? Some of the new hard drives have this plug, and since I’m moving all my backups to 5TB small drives, I now have this cord in abundance. USB Mini-C, I think?
  This looks like the Thunderbolt, but it's not. But it is. It's complicated. Also USB C except if it's a Thunderbolt, which is the same, but it isn't.
  It's USB Mini-B.


Of course there's still regular old USB, the famous “third time’s the charm” plug.

Why am I moving to 5TB drives from the clunkier 8TB backups? The 8TBs had an onboard power supply, which can fail, and they’re old, and the new ones fit nicely in the Life’s Work Box.

Everything I’ve ever done, including my books, and a pickled old MacBook Air that will run the old programs, and two 5TB drives with everything I’ve collected or created, fits in there.

It has a handle so I can grab it if there’s a fire.

That’s my archive. It will go to the vast underground U of M archive when I pass, and will be studied by who?


Top. Men.

UPDATE: I found the cord I’d used to attach the PC monitor to the iMac.

It did not work. The iMac did not recognize the monitor. Since HDMI is involved I suppose there’s some sort of DRM chip-fu going on here, so I went to the Apple store, AGAIN, and got a Berkin straight HDMI adaptor that bypasses the need to have Thunderbolt 2 on the HDMI cord.

With me so far?

No? Then this is why you should have kindness and respect for people in IT. Because they go through this all the time.








Twelve thousand souls. Its prosaic Wikipedia entry notes, in the first paragraph, “It is surrounded by agricultural country.”

Or, it’s in agricultural country, not separate from it at all, but intrinsically bound to it.

Okay, enough carping. Let’s get to it. Remember, I snipped these long ago, and am seeing them the same way you, one at a time, opinion unformed.

Wearing the same suit doesn’t make you brothers.

Randall, and his sons, sold “wall paper etc” according to an early document. A pre-paint picture is here.

Yes, we are going to take a look at that sign.

It’s just not a combo you see anymore these days, do you?
Two guesses what happened here:
Don't find anything about it, but I haven't done a deep search. Fire or tornado - or perhaps just the slow steady hand of time.
One guess as to the original purpose of this structure:
What I can’t figure out is whether it was turned into a bank, bought a bank facade for some class, or was transported in from a dimension where Roman designs influenced gas station construction.
It’s spindly, but I think I like it. At least it's trying.
Why did I snip this one?

Sometimes I have to go to the next shot for an explanation. . . ah.

The old view. Nice renovation.

Right down to the empty dirt where the revitalizing tree no doubt once stood, it’s all too common.
Needs a streamlined covered wagon, if you ask me.
Opened in 1928 as the Ritz; then it was the Pix; then the Fox. Some great 1939 photos here.
Federal Depression style, and I’ll bet those are the original windows.
The bricks on the lower floor don't match, but perhaps at the time they thought they did.
Interesting brick.

Two stores from the start? Not a variety store? A rehab?

This picture triggered an old memory, but I'll tell you about it next week.

“Say, we’re in Nebraska. What goes well with Nebraska?”

“Fake pseudo-historical Spanish?”


Parking ramps were necessary to get shoppers downtown post-war, but they’re never good for the look and feel of a downtown.
You’re glad it’s there, but you don’t like to pay. They’re clammy and grey. They oppress.
But it’s possible to make them appear a bit lighter, and jazz up the street with some retail.

Providing it’s rented, of course.

Good Lord, I’ve 16 more. Wait until next week, and I’ll finish it up.

And now three entries in the Chicago Portfolio . . . no, that's done, it's the Coney Island portfolio. This stuff is cool - at least I think so, and I hope you do too.





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