Today was the increased-congestion / occasional sharp pains in the throat phase of the cold, but again, mild. Makes me wish I was on a ship, because there’s cold medicine on ships I’ve never found on land. On the Queen Mary they had some English concoction, a powder you mixed with hot water to make a soothing citrusy drink; loved it. Years ago I found some European Dristan in the ship’s stores, and it had chemicals not found in American drugs. Did the trick like nothing else I’ve ever taken. Close as a cure as I’ve ever had. What was in it? PPA?

I think that’s it. Slight stroke risk in women, the FDA said. Had there been any strokes from Dristan? Don’t know.

Writing this at the office, and no, I didn't touch anything or get close to anyone. On the way in a short guy - by which I mean shorter than me, which is saying something - held up a gas can and asked if there was a gas station around. Then something remarkable happened: he did not ask for money.

I pointed him down the street - take a right, go eight blocks or so, right before the freeway entrance ramps, there you are.

"Thanks," he said. "I'm not from around here."

I said there used to be another station but now there wasn't.

"I'm from Bloomington," he said.


"I got picked up last night and put in jail and I just got out. Well, see you."

"Good luck."

The way he said it was interesting, as if it was just one of those damned things, you know? Had to go to jail for the night, just a colossal annoyance.

Some link chum today. I'm still trying to figure out why the chum is showing up in the comments, adn by "still trying to figure out" I mean I have ignored several reminders to see if I actually paid for the ads to be removed.

  I wish. It was an ad for something useless, designed to look like a news alert. Screw you.
  Because they read the New York Times, perhaps?

"America” is a large thing and it is not depressed. Your friends are depressed because your values are not superficially manifested by the President, and Europeans hate us now. Buck up. How about this: get in a car, drive for seven hours, find a medium-sized town, go to a bar, play some pool, have some chicken fingers, eat some ice cream, stay overnight in a motel on the edge of town, watch the local news, get up in the morning, have a nice walk around. Bet you feel better.

Oh, another site with LIFE HACKS.

How many eyeballs looked at that and said “don’t see any problems”?

Let’s check in on the zesty young folk at BuzzFeed and see what’s important . . .

How brave! How real! How typically fawning: yasss qween work that zit. Rhianna popped a pimple and shot a festering mass into the crowd and TBH I am here for it and it was everything

the important thing it was that it was relatable


A lie:

It’s worst colleges by state, that is, the worst colleges in each state. And it’s alphabetically, so Minnesota does not top the list.


The site is from Inuvo. They have it figured out!

The IntentKey™ is a patented marketing and eCommerce AI modeling technology trained by processing over 4 billion pages of digital content. The IntentKey learned the relative importance of how 25 million words and phrases relate to each other by comparing trillions of content interactions. Millions of intent related concepts and relationships were developed to power sophisticated marketing and eCommerce solutions.

All to sell crap to people who rarely look at the ads and regard them as junk.

My mistake; the public services building was not topped out. Had another couple floors in it. Boring shot, I know. It was cold. Didn't feel like going out.

What matters most this week is not an addition but a subtraction. You recall the fire at the old Francis Drake Hotel. Well. A few days ago:


I found some old ads for the hotel when it opened.

Big legible version here.

The ancient texts show the interior . . .

. . . and the little interior courtyard.

I always felt sorry for this place.


This one ran years ago elsewhere on this site, so you may know the answer instantaneously without even mulling.

Lance hauled him down to the cells so Tiny could scare him straight, right?

Solution is here.




I've suffered through the stylings of Strollin' Tom; now it's your turn. Hello, everybody! Hello!



I really don't know anything about this show, except that it was sponsored for a while by a Los Angeles dentist.

Once a month we'll learn some homespun truths from ol' Strollin' Tom.

Hel-lo, Hel-lo! He's wishing us the time of day!




Today's subject: hash




In between the wisdom, he sang songs in a rich deep baritone. Then he returned to the concept of hash.




There is a lot to be said about hash


  Sometimes you're improved by getting into the hash
  By the way, the itinerant wisdom-dispenser wants you to get your choppers checked.

You can just see Grandma sitting by the radio, knitting and nodding.

I'm surprised they didn't go with Dreamonstration.

I remember the Kapp label, because it had . . a hat. A cap with a big feather, something that seemed Old-World-Military somehow.






1973: radio ads are different. How good a radio historian are you? NAME THAT VOICE. Trust me, you've heard him. He's everywhere. He's everywhere.

That'll do for this week - now let's return to the 1960s, and finish off the Chain Store Age site. It got stalled and eclipsed when it began two years ago. I just love this stuff. We'll start at the front of the book and give you fifteen glorious ads.

Have a grand weekend, and thanks for stopping by!



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