And here we are, the New Year! With a new Bleat design!

Kidding. That was a test. The new design, which is barely different from this one, will appear on Monday. As you can tell, the boys are hard at work on the final design, making sure all the circuits are connected.

Fascinating piece of technology, isn’t it? No idea what it is, aside from some sort of control board - duh - but for what? A power generating facility, would be my guess. Can’t find the original - it’s lost in the bottomless folders of the offloaded archives.

As promised, a light week. (As if I would be going back on my word and disappointing everyone if I really loaded this thing up.) Here's an advertisement in the 1925 "Ski-U-Mah" college mag for the U of M, which I've scanned and will bestow some day.

Classy! Suggested by "The Backs" at Old Trinity College. Googling reveals lots of buildings in the area, but nothing that looks quite like this.

Let's go to the Street View. It lost its towers.

And then:

Odd for New York: a vacant lot for years. Lots of stories about how the skyscraper going up on this spot would happen any day now.








Odds and ends today on this lax week. Jackson MS.

The next time the cars came around:

The arrow seems a bit more relevant now. The freshness of the painted sign seems odd. As if someone wants to keep it relevant.

Also from the same street in Jackson:


That was then.


Not so much filing done these days.

This one just caught my eye.

Bound for the Google Street View highlights section, I think. It used to be Dreams. Now it's Secrets.

Marshall, Illinois. The outskirts.

Might there be a story there? Yes, there is. Let's go eagle.


Write your own story.

The footprint of the old motel is still there. You can't see it driving by, but you can see it from above. You can almost tell how many units.

If you must, here's an advance look at Motels 2021 site:


That'll do - see you tomorrow.





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