Same old art today because the whole Bleat week drifted away from the template. Not that you care; I wouldn't, but there is a law about these things. I used to change the art daily until a dangerous little voice in my head said "You don't have to." That voice is the enemy of this site. Now we have one vintage illustration per week, chosen for its color or subject and their relation to the season. Or because I like it.

And here we are! Friday! I’ve written three editorials today, which made me wish I was up on the airy 13th floor of the StarTribune World HQ in the editorial department banging out philippics. They probably don’t want pieces about the article that tells us we have to stop taking hot showers because Climate, or pieces about a miserable soul hating on milk for internet points (bonus internet points because someone complained about her vulgar language, which means extra virtue b/c someone was offended for Wrong Reasons!) Or pieces about WWCD, or What Would Caesar Do, and so on, and so on. The best will end up here eventually. The least among them will be quietly filed in a dark folder of failure, but pulled out of their ridiculous conclusions turn out to be true.

So they'll be up next year, is what I'm saying.

Okay, let's pad 'er out with the usual mess.


One of those peculiar web searchs for a strange subject landed on an Indian website devoted to online education. Had to snip this for posterity.


Makes you never want to attempt to learn a foreign language, because your speech would no doubt be full of this.

Let's check in on BuzzFeed and see what drivel topped the page today . . .

No, you're not. Interesting, though. The website and the demographic requires that third sentence. Because we're all besties! But what starts out like an act of empathy is actually an act of narcissism: Look at me look at me I am so senstive I am sobbing at other people's stories more importantly tho I am sobbing you guys

I'll admit it! We had to drag it out of her.

  I don't know if this is an ad or a recall notice.
It's time for our occasional look at the passage of time through the medium of pre-cut dye-soaked sugar circles:

They have to say TURKEY (shape) in case anyone's disappointed they're not turkey flavored.


I am saving that to send to Daughter if ever she takes offense at anything, just for irritating Dad Tweaking.



Another view from a block away of the upcoming Public Services Building.

It's already better than the parking ramp it replaced.

Meanwhile, down at the site for the tallest tower under construction


It's finally poking its head out of the pit.



It's a seasonal Lance! He goes out with Lori to see the Gophers:


Solution is here.





This week it's the music cues of "ABC Mystery Time."



I think this is off-the-shelf.




I've heard this one before, elsewhere - possibly in "Dimension X" or X Minus One." Again, it seems a bit . . . much. For Norfolk, anyway.



For heaven's sake, orchestra, calm down



It's some pick-up musicians doing the music of some other bands:


There's an arrangement here at the start I don't like, because it reminds me of too many 50s and 60s movies that had sneering bad guys and the sense of urban decay.


Dig that crazy stereo, though!`





From last week's Mr. & Mrs. North show, another ad for mug-spackle.


That'll do - see you Monday!



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