Why is it a busy week? Astrid is in town, and we’ve been preparing another version of the Peg Lynch story - with video and live performance of “The Paradise Room” for two shows. One is in Rochester MN on Friday night at the Rochester Community and Technical College’s theater, and the other is in the Historic And Supposedly Haunted Manorville Opera House on Saturday. So we’ve been polishing the scripts and performances and tweaking the slideshow and practicing.

It's been fun. Lots of fun. Our third run at this.

It's late and I'm beat and hoping I don't have a cold - she might, but insists that Dr. Footlights will provide his usual B-12 shot. The backup projector doesn't work: hey great! But it's the emergency backup and maybe MAYBE we won't need it.

Wish us luck, is all I'm saying.

So there's little today but Friday's usual fillers - er, fascinating material. Thought I'd show you a few pictures from the home office:


In case you think your job's tough.

The view from the street:

Down the block, part of the Thrivent project I've been "documenting." I'm surprised to find the exterior is as white as the Tyvek wrap:

I guess it's not going to go out of its way to tie into its neighbors.


The guy looks sad to be guilty:

It's always the unnecessary details that do them in. But it'll make it look real, because of the details! On the contrary.

Solution is here.




Here's a bygone staple of all the top media: books, radio, and movies.

Mr. and Mrs. North are fictional American amateur detectives. Created by Frances and Richard Lockridge, the couple was featured in a series of 26 Mr. and Mrs. North novels, a Broadway play, a motion picture and several radio and television series.

First, the intro - you can tell they put some money into this.








A mournful cue








More of the sappiness.




The characters, publisher Jerry North and his wife Pam, lived in Greenwich Village at 24 St. Anne's Flat. They were not professional detectives but simply an ordinary couple who stumbled across a murder or two every week for 12 years. 

As one did. More next week.

Relive your glory days of youth and gin and autumn and stuff:

I'm not a great fan of the pre-rock male-vocal groups, but when they got the right song and the right arrangement, it's nice.





Wikipedi says they stared in 1959, and are "still active." Good for them, if that's still the case. tra



From the Mr. & Mrs. North show: Paulette Goddard on your war duties.

See you Monday, with tales of the show!




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