No reason for this banner picture, except that it’s a summer picture - or was, once. I probably set it aside for the August 2019 folder some time in the winter of 2018, and thought it would be apt for the season. I assume they are on a boat, and not in some celestial matrix that shimmers through the galaxy, providing a portal to the endless iterations of the space-time continuum.

Today I make good on the threat of not having much of anything, because I’m actually not here today. I had to do a few Bleats in advance, instead of leaving you with nothing.

There’s Lance! There’s always Lance, except for next year, when Lance will be supplanted once a month with . . . well, you know who. Next year’s Listen will be better. The 40s section will be redone with an interface consistent with the rest of the decades; the Serial is better, and lots of fun.

Why am I thinking about 2020 now? There’s still a month of summer to go! But go it will, at a rapid clip. It once used to seem like the biggest, thickest, longest part, the most generous allotment, but now (thanos snap) the Fair starts, and even though the Fair is the summer at its hottest and most humid, it’s also the time when the cold drizzly rain beats down and reminds us of the days to come.

To tell you the truth, I saw a pumpkin pie in the store the other day, and smiled. Perhaps it’s because this year’s parade of holidays is guaranteed to be better than last year’s.

But I’ve taken too much space saying nothing, he said, perhaps quoting an assessment of this site over the years.


Lance should tell them to take this up with a lawyer, since it's obviously out of his league and none of his business:

Tiny moves fast for a large guy: Solution is here.




Man, I have a million of these. Sorry. But at least you know you're getting the encyclopedic listen of the Casey Cues!



The usual opening.

A rather easy opening for Tony. Why would anyone be surprised by his reply?






"We need 5 seconds of happiness ending with muffled violence and indecision"

"On it"


Angry inedbriated chicken music?



The bygone genre of Stereo Demonstration Records.



Wow! That's got presence!





1958: never let your liver slumber.


That'll do - see you Monday!



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