Does it feel like Friday to you? Not to me. It feels like some strange Sunday that woke up in unfamiliar clothes and didn’t recognize itself in the mirror.. Thursday is the best, or worst, day for a holiday. Best because it blows up Wednesday and Friday; worst because it blows up Wednesday and Friday, and sunders all the schedules. But perhaps they needed sundering; what’s a summer for?

The shot above was taken as I paused at the south end of Lake Harriet, en route to pick Daughter up from work, and it was perhaps the best moment of the day - the scene, the temp, the music on the car system, the day - the profoundity of the Fourth.

But it’s late and I haven’t anything to say except now it’s the Fifth, and high summer commences. Good thing I had a few things in the hopper to pad the ol’ Bleat. Let the Bleat Padding commence!


It’s been a week since we checked to see if BuzzFeed is still as stupid as ever . . .

Ryan is so proud.

Ryan is invested in strangers to the point where he is so proud of things they do, believing perhaps it matters.

Ryan probably sat up straight in his chair when Taylor CALLED OUT PEOPLE.

Elsewhere in BuzzFeed, tips for illiterate decorators:

"Promising review."

Not revered, and quality suburb. I don't know what more you want.

Took one of those quizzes to see how long it would go and how difficult it would be.

Not very.



Hard to tell what's going on, so let me help: the service core of the new government building topped with blue, is above the street level and rising quickly.

This doesn't look like much, either:

This will be the big 2020 project to watch: the Nicollet Hotel block, fiinally filled again. Big building. It'll make for a nice excuse to walk to the end of Nicollet every week.


Second phase of the Ritz hotel block.

Sorry, everyone who bought apartments on the side facing the river!

Finally: more glass.

That's just the stuff in the city core.




"Interesting assertion. May I, a policeman with no obvious manifestations of art history expertise, take a look?"

Easy! Sir Thomas Moore did not approve of Christmas decorations! Solution is here.




Let's see what's happening at the Blue Note.



Uh . . . what?

Is this, like, hipster lingo?


Another really hard-working cue.




What do we find in the Goodwill bins this week?

You have heard their biggest hit. Okay, I'll save you a click; it was the American Bandstand theme. Larry also did "Hooked on Swing," a 1982 "medley" number that started with "Stars on 45." If you remember that, you are elegible for AARP. How did that happen?


The hootenanny craze was swift and inescapable, for the middle-brow set wishing to connect with authentic America.





1981 I remember hearing this on late night talk radio.



The Recipe Cards of the 1970s awaits. See you Monday!




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