Just got back from a long, long day in the out country, which of course isn’t the out country to them. Mission: drop off the material at the Dodge County historical society, lay flowers at the grave, go to Mantorville to visit the house, return to Kasson to meet with the theater director to see if we can put on the play, then drive to Rochester to another theater to see we can put on the play there.

What? You might ask.

Okay. Astrid, daughter of Peg Lynch, the radio and TV star I have been discussing here for a few years, was in town from England to deliver the scrapbook and of course see us, and also find out if we can do our Peg Lynch story theater piece (talking, old film clips, stories, two performances of her work) at a community theater in a small town and a big town. As I am absolutely exhausted I will just post pictures, with the interesting details to come tomorrow. Okay? Thank you.

The View from the historical society’s porch.

Inside: there’s a marvelous exhibit of Peg Lynch memorabilia:

Aunt Maggie! You know, deet-dee-deet-dee DEE DEE

The theater manager has not shown up and is half an hour late:

We get in to see the venue where we will bring our show to the adoring crowds of Mantorville:

The Rochester venue, if we can swing the dates:

And finally, the mystery - or perhaps not. More tomorrow.





It’s 1938.

Following the laws is a mug’s game! I learned that early when I bribed a copper to let me swim

ORALGENE: Chew with a purpose. Don’t aimlessly chew without proper motivation. Chewing gum gives your teeth exercise! Have you exercised your teeth today?


Uh . . . a bohemian’s bohemian?

The dude is out of here because he fears the bleep is headed fan-wise:


Just kidding? Bitch


More Timmens, I believe. He did most of them.

We'll meet him again, in a similar stinky situation.


No one can get a straight answer on anything, and uncounted millions of daily interactions have gone horribly awry:

Dash it all, it’s the maid’s night out! We’re on our own, and completely confused, unable to muster the rudiments of cooking skills.

Fry up some SPAM! It’s “The last word in delicious meats.” As in the last one you mention when the list of “Delicious meats” is read off.

Remember how fish wasn’t particularly popular because it stunk up the town something fierce and everyone felt like they’d been smeared with pollack and wanted to retch a little?


ACKSUALLY since they are all lima beans he was technically correct

Something new! Which is the old thing!


Uh didn’t you make fish also

Is this fish bread

Now hold on here.

I had no idea that Family Circle had local ads. That has to be the case. Regional ads, anyway. And if you’re thinking “Fisher . . Fisher. Cleveland. Why does that ring bells?”

We visited their ruins in January on Main Street.

Let's drop in on the far-away yet oh-so-relatable world of 1916, as seen through the work of Clare Briggs. See you around.



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