Miseries abound, but I think I’m almost close to not screwing up entirely. A whole bunch of Dillweed emails went to my “Later” mailbox, thanks to Smart Filtering. Great. I’m also hearing that some redirects haven’t been working, which is insane because I test them. (Note: upon examining the situation, it appeared he did not test them, but uploaded the redirects, slapped his hands together as if knocking off imaginary dust, and walked away whistling in ignorance.) I just realized that the archive calendar was Fubar'd, too. This is why I went to Wordpress, once upon a time. So many damned details.

Double updates next week, then. Six pages a shot! Appy-polly-logies, as the crazed clown who burst in at the end of the movie says.

I’ll explain that one next week. If anyone can get the ref in the comments, you have my heartiest respects.


For the second time in my life, they are contruding with the Target that is ours:


I approve, since A) I can’t be the only person tired of Target Red, and applaud the sober turn to black and grey and wood, and B) the shelves are my height now! No more tip-toe striving for the top-shelf items.

The front of the store looks as if they haven’t gotten any merchandise in a month, and have cleaned up from the looting.

The last time this happened they tore the place down and built a new one, for some reason.

It’s made it impossible to find anything, and I had this ominous suspicion that it will be permanently rejiggered. This isn’t difficult to master, but it makes you realize how you internalize the layout of stores you know, and move along on autopilot to get this and that. They demolished the Lunds a few years ago and built a new one and I’ll be damned if I know if pasta sauce is this aisle or that.

Not that I buy any pasta sauce there; it’s too expensive.




The trend towards verbing nouns continues.

This is the worst one ever considered, let alone committed. I'm going to write my Monday column on it.



I keep alluding to a large Jerry on the Job site addition, requested by absolutely no one. This is not about that.

But I wil say that Mr. Givney's medical condition made him leave the strip for a year. What did he have?

What, you may ask, is that?

Let's shoot ahead 20 years:

And let's shoot forward another 20:

It's a stand in for an undetermined manifestation of an unknown condition resulting from agitation. No one says this anymore. At some point someone was the last person to say it out loud.

Until now.

Saw this driving past work. Let us dispense with the obvious observation about . . . well, the obviousness of it. "Life is full of moments." That it is.


I just want to mention how tired I am of those hand-drawn typefaces that look like something a high-schooler doodles in a notebook. It's supposed to be whimsical and unique - just like you!

Anyway, I'm glad they have coffee that matches moments.



Now it's all coming along quickly.

For context: here's what was there before.



Steepled fingers because he is just so delighted about this guy walking in and setting himself up:

Oh, come on, Red. Solution is here.




We continue the 2019 review of the music at the Blue Note Cafe.


A taste of what some old recordings sound like: your speed, like your mileage, may vary.

I just want to hear that song in the background. Can you recognize it?






Why does Tony think we care that it's Tony? Just curious.

So here's the weekly custom cue.




2019 returns to the bins, and the records dumped back into the world when someone dies and the kids give the contents of Mom and Dad's entertainment system to the Goodwill.

A reminder that the counterculture was just that. This was the overculture:


Think very hard about what kind of music you think this will be.



Their peak popularity? The Forties. "Electronically Enhanced for Stereo Effect." Because it was recorded in Mono.





Tony's back - with a marvelous new innovation!


That'll do - see you Monday! And remember, Bleat+ members - small update today, but they'll get bigger soon. If you haven't gotten your credentials, send me an email - my last name @ icloud dot com - with the subject line DILLWEED. I appreciate your contribution and want to make sure everyone gets to experience the most exciting site on the Internet.




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