Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet - oh wait I did that last week. Sorry; I have dummy copy for spacing, and whatever was going on in my brainpan last Wednesday night overrode the "give it a cursory check, if that's not too much trouble" rule I usually try to follow before bedtime.

Did I have anything for Thursday? Checking . . . I did! Ladies and gentlemen, I present . . . last Thursday's timeless Bleat about nothing of importance whatsoever!

I’m standing at the kitchen table, typing away, and dang it, I want a snack. But what? I had a few peanuts, but they’ve lost their zest. The first handful of Goldenroast from a freshly-opened container are marvelous, and you’d think all that Goldenroast flavor dust would accumulate at the bottom. But no. It certainly works that way with Raisin Bran - good GOD the last few bowls are just entirely raisins. It’s almost a chore. I’ve switched to Raisin Bran Crunch! Because the large nodules seem to anchor the strata, somehow.

There’s a box of Cheez-Its, which the womenfolk in the house seem to like - until I get a flavor that strikes them wrong. If they see the box, that is. If the box says BACON AND CHIPOTLE VEAL they will say oh come on what is this, but if I put the bacon-veal bag in the Garden Medley box, no one notices. In any case, the Cheez-Its seem damp. They have lost their appeal.

There’s popcorn, but that’s for much later. There’s a Traders Joe box of 3 Seed Sweet Potato Crackers, which my wife loves. I have been tempted to ask which seed really seals the deal for her. It’s clever marketing - the target market might shrug at Sweet Potato Crackers, but when you introduce seeds into the mix, well, now we’re talking earthy goodness. The seeds happen to be Flax, Chia, and Black Sesame.

And again, kudos! Sesame: old and sprouted. Black Sesame: new haute-ness. It has medicinal properties. Seems to me you’d have to eat the whole box in one sitting to get any sort of benefit from these things, but it can’t hurt.

I could have some potato chips, but I never eat them when I want to snack, because you end up eating many of them. The bag of potato chips that I will not be eating is Salt and Cracked Black Pepper. Oooo, these potato chips have salt? Those are for me! I love salt, and salt combined with potato chips? It’s a taste sensation! It’s a dominion-wide sweep!

The pepper is a nice touch, and I’m glad it’s black pepper, since no one trusts that white stuff. It’s like the Edgar Winter of pepper. Good to know it's cracked pepper, instead of big full-sized nodules glued to each chip by the dozen.

Verdict: I had a banana.

Today's mood:

Just was. Cool and damp, which I don't mind - a leftover from a furious storm that pounded the house last night around 3 AM, and woke me up to make me smile: the sod will like the rain. Unless the rain beats it to death, which sounds likely.





We're currently enjoying . . .

The penultimate ep! Meaning, it’s the last cliffhanger. Let’s bring you up to speed:


We had a car go over the side of the road, carrying Pidge and The Blonde to certain death.

Whoa: so they didn’t jump. C’mon. They ought to be dead after that, but Pidge isn’t even shaken up. Human airbag, I guess. Ah well. Brenda, the mastermind international jewel thief, is reduced to running into the woods with the Crown Jewels. No gang, no transport - what could he possibly do?

Oh, right: Master of Disguise.

NO ONE will suspect him now. Why doesn’t he rip off the fake beard? Because then we might see his real face, and they're saving that for the last ep, I presume. Well, he goes to a farmhouse, flashes the stolen FBI badge, and gets inside. He pays the farmer to get a car, then calls the Nautical Supply Store. (At least it’s not the Art Supply Store.) Turns out Blackstone is still around, so he’s going to help Brenda. The Farmer promptly snitches when the real FBI shows up; they have a license plate, so it’s just a matter of time!


Secret Agent X-9 and the Real Baron are in a speedboat! For reasons. They double back to the Raymond Estate, because there are only six locations in any serial, and we see . . .

Holy Hannah, he’s been holding these guys at gunpoint for two weeks. Alas, Brenda gets there before X-9:

The old Fatal Hand Wound. The gang is released, and gets their gats back. But X-9 is behind the secret fireplace door, and shoots until the gang gets scared and runs away. X-9 finds Tommy, and if you’re thinking it was just a flesh wound . . . . he's dead.

That’s a manly pat.

Well, since Brenda got away in a boat, that means he has an aquatic hideout somewhere. Could it be . . . the Nautical Supply Store? X-9 and Pidge head down to check it out.

Mr. Nautical Supply is cautious . . .

But they slug him and get in the back door. They spy some movement on the Pirate Ship in the nearby Amusement Park, and find a trap door that leads down to a boat! They’re getting so close! Call in the FBI, right? Surround the place?

Nah. They go over in the boat, and X-9 get topsides alone. Rather desultory fistfight, and then the last cliffhanger:

I think he’ll be okay.



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet! And notary sojac. See you tomorrow.


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