Nothing but scraps today. You’ll get a plate of leftovers and you’ll like it.

Great! I enjoy these non-taxing assemblies of bits and pieces, gathered throughout the week. It’s a nice way to finish it up.

I said you’ll like it.

And I said I did. Is that okay?

No! You’ll pretend you like it. That’s part of the tough guy routine. You’ll take it and you’ll like it. I think that was from Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade dressing down Elisha Cook Jr., calling him a “gunsel” and thus making everyone think that it was a word for a guy who carried a rod.

Wasn’t it?

Not exactly.

The shot above is from the lobby of the 333, which was red and green on Friday. Seems to have been Office Holiday Party day; we had our Features section buffet, and our building had the annual Dessert Bonanza. Small bars and small cupcakes. I mentioned this to Daughter and she asserted that bars > cupcakes, and I think she's right. But they're denser, and hence contain more guilt. If you get guilty about those things. Today I cared not.

Didn't see Star Wars, but I was a guest on a podcast about the General Phenomenon. Saw "The Force Awakens" last night for the 3rd time - once in the theater, once on Blu-Ray when it came out, and again to bring myself up to speed so I remember who was who and what was going on.

Turns out, there are these Rebels, and there's this Galactic tyrrany - sorry. Spoilers!

Something from the web that instantly turned me against the website until time itself has run out:


If you were stopped at the front door of a store and told you had to give them your address or phone number before you could go in, would you hand it over, or say "sorry, no" and head on? I'm sure they think they're like Costco or Sam's Club or Amazon, where you have to sign up to buy. But this isn't even keeping people from entering the store. It's keeping them from looking in the window.

Wouldn't be a Friday without pointing out some groundbreaking moment in modern literature from Buzzfeed:

Ben. Listen. If you are old enough to be drafted, you should not have anxiety about the Kardashians sitting on the sofa with shoes on.

He is also the author of "This Quiz Will Reveal If You’re More Ravenclaw Or Hufflepuff At Heart." I think one can assume that in the year to come he will be thirsting so damn hard as well as clapping back. It is possible he will, at some point, be shook.

I only mention this because of this profile:

I wonder if that credit for my hometown TV station consisted of reading a few lines from a quiz.


A few nights ago I was watching a new COPS, because there was a new COPS. This view of the street caught my eye, so of course I rewound and took a picture of the TV. See it?

If you know your post-war architecture vernacular, you recognize a piece of Googie architecture.

Yes, this is the sort of thing I do late at night. Take pictures of the TV set when the cop car runs past an unaltered chain restaurant. I rolled back to hear the officer call in the location . . .Tamarind and something-or-other in Fontana CA.

Now then: do you recognize the sign? When the chain finally came to my neck of the woods, they'd changed their style - but for a while they spread the Google style wherever they opened up a joint to serve Grand Slams.

It's not one of those now. I wonder how many of these are left? As usually happened: people tired of the new and demanded newer new. Because the old new was old.

It's been a few weeks since I had a shot of the skinny little devil, so here you go.


More like Brrrrrch nowadays. He doesn't like the cold. I can't blame him.



The hotel portion has topped off; the walls and windows are up. That was fast.

The brewpub restaurant in the middle continues to look like a gaping robot face.

The Opus tower from another angle; the Marq IV on the left wasn't around a few years ago. The street has been completely changed.

They're not the most exciting buildings from this angle, but they'll hold up.





Gildersleeve season 9. I think. As we end the year, we come up to a rather unusual moment in pop culture.


The intro has been slightly reorchestrated.



No one got the joke. Perhaps because they didn't know who she was. Perhaps because they didn't know that's exactly who she was.




Forties sweetness, that's all.





Another one of Birdy's assertive monologues. They were added every week and the audience, having been given the fish, dutifully slapped their fins together.




AD: 1952. Tell 'em about that eatin' fun, Slim



The original Breathy White People's Chorus:



It's really, really hard to believe that this is the same guy who did the music . . . for Dragnet.


Not that people who say that are always pretending, but he's the stand-in for everything pre-Elvis, for some.

On the other hand, there's something about the song below that makes you realize the size of the gap between the old and new.

Banjo. Godfrey. Two of the least popular words among the young set.


That'll do; see you around. New Gallery addition today.


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