Pardon the aggravating, polarizing subject, but I have to do this for honesty’s sake. And doesn’t that sound high-minded and virtual-signaling? Yeah, I know. But: I have said on numerous occasions, in print and blog and radio, that I did not think there was any Russian hacking of the election (understood as altering the results by tampering machines); that the release of the DNC emails was not a significant factor; that any connection between the campaign and Russia was probably the disreputable players using long-standing relationships in some murky but insignificant way. And I also reserved the right to be wrong, because who knows?

Well, here we are, and while I still see no evidence of coordination - at this precise moment in time, being Tuesday night - the action of DJ II was wrong, stupid, and disloyal. Here are the things that are irrelevant

1. Anything anyone else did

2. Specifically, something someone else did that was different but worse, and no reporters cared much

3. The suggestion that any sane political operative would take dirt from a hostile foreign power

4. The fact that the campaign didn’t get any useful information. I love this defense most of all. It’s one thing to have something sent to you out of the blue, and quite another to lean into an exchange of information, eager, saying “love it!” and knowing that the source of the offer says the Russian government is eager to help.

Wrong, stupid, and disloyal. And now a sizable chunk of people who have invested a great deal of their moral capital in defending not the Administration as a means of advancing some goals but defending Trump the Man as a figure of respect are reduced to saying that something wrong, stupid, and disloyal is irrelevant, or has to be seen in the context of someone else’s previous stupid act of ill-advised disloyalty. Or that it has to be illegal to be wrong, stupid, and disloyal.

Just had to say that.

BUT HILLARY! Please stop.

This picture should be printed out and distributed to everyone who designs office interiors.


What do you see? The disconnect between intention and use. It’s fascinating, when you think about it: the designers provided a surface for the user to push, to open the door - and the wear on the wood indicates that a great number of users chose to put their hand elsewhere.

It’s a bathroom room, and it leads in - suggesting that people are already subconsciously thinking, yeah, unclean place. They don’t want to put their hand on the metal plate. The existence of the metal plate says HANDS GO HERE and people don’t want to touch something that HAD HANDS, so they push on the wood - even though the wear on the wood says that’s what people are touching.

The other bathroom on this floor has a painted door, so it doesn’t have the same dichotomy; it just has a handle, and judging from the white paint on both sides of the door, people use the handle. But on the way in, they use their hip to push the door open.

No one wants to touch anything in bathrooms. Because other people did.



Now we move from my Father's 45s to mine. Most are lost, but I saved a few. As you can tell, I bought a lot of Elvis:



This was from his Country Phase, which I supported, because I was an Elvis Costello fan. Why, that's the sort of artist he was. He took chances. He moved in different directions, daring us to follow!

It would've helped if he'd been better at this.


He didn't need to do any of that. Cool sleeve and label, though.





It's driving me nuts! The GIF above should loop! I don't know what the problem is. Drag it to your desktop, and you'll see what I mean.

Anyway. No more serials for a while - just some light entertainment from the world of Drive-In pre-show rolls. Yes, Wednesdays are a little light this summer. I think I can slacken just a bit.

You know it's tops quality, because it has the Self-Bestowed Pledge of Top Quality:

The original site for these - ten examples so far - can be found here.


That'll do; see you around! Some early TV station logos up at the site below.

Somehow I stupidly, stupidly forgot to check this site, and it was fubar'd for the last few weeks, so you might as well start at the beginning. Apologies.



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