Something I forgot to mention last week: this is the approximate time of year I began the Bleat. The Daily Bleat, as it was called. All the popular kids were putting up Home Pages on AOL and other such sites, the names of all of which escape me, and I figured I would do my part to fill the internet with content. I took one longish hiatus in 1997 when the radio show ate into my free time, but other than that it’s been a steady fixture for twenty years.


Today's deep link is so deep I can't find it. It was on a Bleat somewhere long ago. It's from the old iDisk: a locally-produced, nationally syndiated Science show called "Newton's Apple."

Apparently at one time I was Public Television's go-to guy for standing on his head and talking.



Let's revisit the glory days of 45 art, shall we? As I've been saying all week with minor revisions. Like this one! So: Marty's best known for El Paso, the finest story-song of its genre and era. I've always enjoyed his voice and work, but . . .

. . . I'll never shake the memory of working at the Valli, which had "Pink Sportcoat" on the jukebox. Every time I heard it, his performance got . . . broader.

Bouquet of Roses:

Today's Deep Link: oh, let's see. How about . . . Ghost Ads. Did I link to this redesign? Well, I just did.

Below: more logos!




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