No, I’m not on a cruise. No, I’m not traipsing across the Continent. But I am cooking up something different, and hence have stepped away from the daily updates.

But! There will be something here every day this week. It's not going to be top-shelf material, alas. You will get

1. The usual update

2. Flotsam A Deep Link of the Day

You might get

3. Deep Link of the Day

4. Something I meant to post a few weeks ago but didn't

It’s a big site, you know. I’m constantly adding and fixing behind the scenes, revising old sites, improving their appearance, correcting old design decisions with the same confidence I had when I made the original mistakes.

I found a buried folder called iDisk, and I knew right away what it was: the old Apple virtual hard drive where I could store things for the site. Big media files. Movie clips. This one was confusing:


I wondered why I clipped this. Why I posted it.

Then, deep in the iDisk archive, there's this. Ah.

I must have been reminded of the second by the first.

They had one sound effect to indicate The Frightening Age of Computers. The teletype sound indicated something official and imminent.




This is one of the greatest A / B singles ever released:

As a kid I was slightly scared by Big John; it's a dark song. SPOILER: he dies. It was the B side that grabbed me - and that's a reverse of America's verdict at the time. Big Bad John was the B side of the original release.

This would be ripped to shreds today for every possible reason.

Wimmen! Wimmen! Wimmen! Ahh-oooooh! BANJO! Stuart Hamblin wrote the song, and here's his version. Not as much howlin' hootin' fun.



So: MONDAY'S DEEP LINK Farm Life in the 40s. Photos from my mother’s high-school photo album. Interface and fonts changed.

There's a promise to quicken the blood, eh?

More tomorrow. And yes, there are Matchbooks!



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