Did a phone interview today with a woman who runs an 11-acre farm animal rescue center. Reminded me that I not only am from Fargo, watch “Fargo,” but occasionally live in the TV show. She had the accent, the good cheer, the Midwestern sensibility. Used to be a cop in the Cities. While we spoke, roosters crowed in the background. She told me about Wally, the 250-pound pig who escaped from the truck taking him to the bacon factory, and his best friend, Amos the Mini Donkey.


"Yah he came from a farm owned by a veteran, and he died, unexpectedly, so his wife, she had to sell Amos, the peacocks -"

The peacocks?

"He was raising them. They’re a bonded pair."

At one point I asked her about her experience in Law Enforcement, why she became a Peace Officer, and “Fargo” fans will love this.

“I always wanted to be a cop, always knew I’d be a cop. My dad was a cop in Sioux Falls South Dakota.”

Just like “Fargo.” She left after she bruised a disc going over a fence “after a bad guy.”

My God, I love living up here.

Well, our week here is almost over, so it’s time for the rotating Friday features ’n’ such. It was a good Thursday - chilled and rainy, but that’s okay. The grass is high and seedy. A chilly weekend forecast, which means no outdoor chores, just shopping for new chairs for the gazebo. The oldest chair broke a while ago, and only Scout sits in it. One of the newer chairs - five years, maybe - splintered when the Giant Swede sat down on it a few weeks back. So goodbye to that piece of furniture. It’s always something.

Something beats nothing. Usually.


I click so you don’t have to. That’s the idea. I tell you what the lies are, so you can scoff and sneer at the crap they offer with the knowledge that they’re shoddy, useless trip.

Oh boy why? I'd better click and see the sexy-time pictures hu hu grr stampa stampa


No. No, they didn't. And that's not what the stupid slideshow is about. Do you know how I feel about that sort of bait-and-switch? I'm . . . what's the word?


Those appeared side by side in one row.



It's an interminable page of character / actor bios. It says this about Grace Lee Whitney:

She was in a couple other films and series, but eventually was let go for unknown reasons. She was even unemployed for a while, but we will always love her and her acting roles.

I made it up to 70: no troi.


Went crazy and took her clothes off! It has to be that! The cameramen couldn't believe what they got! The cameramen just kept filming! She didn't know why the crowd went wild!

It links to . . .


This. The accompanying gif shows the reporter not reacting at all to a guy in the back who falls off his bike.

The ball was not dropped.


There aren't any.

And I gather it's not a video, or it's so bad they're apologizing for it in advance.


These are bad sites and the people who run them cannot drink the shame way.

And now, some screenshots of some websites that really, really want you to dive right in and enjoy the content.


This concludes our fortnightly round-up of utter, utter crap on the web, carefully culled for your enjoyment.


The Opus site parking ramp has the first cladding we've seen yet. Few local buildings manage to make the ramp an attractive, lively addition to the street.

This isn't one of them.

Remember I said the Pointless Corner Spine would be finished soon? It's finished.


Again, this is the dullest part of the project.

It's different from every single corner.





As noted, I'm going through the entire Gildersleeve series this year - and there's a lot. We're now in the middle portion, post-war.

The show's in its peak period, but it's starting to slip into formula. The size of the musical cues shows you how much money they poured into this thing.



Another popular song of the day liberally quoted. Can't tell you what it is.



This sounds like it could be a popular song, but I don't know.




Same as the first, but a few notes lower, with a big bass sax interjection.



You're no doubt frustrated now because you never heard from the Great Gildersleeve.


AD: It's big, it's bright, it's '54, and it's all sorts of things except melodically memorable.



Oh. Jeez. No.



Do you know why this was acceptable? Because it's England, I guess.

It's all just ghastly.



That wraps up a rather substantial week here at the site, no? See you Monday, and we'll do it all again. Every word! Just in a different order.



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