The Apple Genius asked what was wrong, and I said “blinking folder on start-up.” He nodded, and said “well . . .”

“Before you start,” I said, “I reset the PRAM and the SMC. I booted into recovery mode and ran Disk Utilities to see if it could find the hard drive; it couldn’t. I booked from a stick and ran every tech recovery utility I have, but it couldn’t see the drive.”

For once I got the desired answer:

“That saves me a lot of time,” he said. “That’s what I would have done.”


After a while he returned with some shots of the interior of the laptop.

“As you see,” he said, “there’s liquid damage on the logic board and the hard drive.”

Wellllllll now.

“Can you tell if it’s recent? Is there any corrosion?”

“You get a bluish tint after time,” he said, “and I don’t see any of that.”

Welllllllllll now.

Important conversation with daughter follows. Question: did you spill water in the computer? I will believe whatever you say. I will not be angry if it happened, because it happens. But if it did happen, and you say it didn’t, you will never forget that you’re dishonest.

As it turns out, she had spilled something into the keyboard, but it was just a little and it was was the previous week.

I nodded and said she would never get another computer. SUCKER! Jeez, have you learned nothing? Protect yourself at all times. Suppress bad thoughts about your behavior until self-justification occurs automatically with no authorial intervention!

Cripes, kids today.



A semi-regular Friday feature: interrogating the details of old Times Square. The photo's undated. Well, except for the sign advertising 1938 Chevy cars.


Let's go up to the left-hand corner:

This one requires familiarity with the second-tier stars, but it’s not hard. RREN WILLIAM can only be Warren William, and since it’s 1937, that means it’s Firefly.

And JONES? Alan Jones. Here’s the trailer, with the famous song the movie

As for Jones:

In the mid 1960s the busy Jones managed to fit a few appearances on television and in movies into his busy theater, nightclub, and recording career.

Imdb lists one credit.

In 1971, he took on the role of Don Quixote in "Man of La Mancha", a role he would perform off and on for the next eight years. He also was very successful on the lecture circuit.

In 1982, the 75-year-old Jones cut yet another LP, his voice belying his age: as clear and vibrant as singers a third his age.

Jones continued to work for the remainder of his life, finishing a successful tour of Australia a few weeks before his death, at 84, in 1992.

Good for him.

Hy-Grade food; Child's restaurant. Big show at the Lowe’s:

Dave Apollon, described by wikipedia as something you might not have known existed: Today Dave Apollon is regarded as one of the most innovative and influential mandolinists of the Twentieth Century.

You remember the billboard about the newspaper? It's now beer, because it's the Thirties. Can you identify the beer?

Trust me, the slogan won't help. Highlight if you're stuck: Schaefer

The best part? The candids. The people who wandered into history, and had no idea. Their sole public memorial.

And this one . . .

She saw. She knew.





As noted, I'm going through the entire Gildersleeve series this year - and there's a lot. We're now in the middle portion, post-war.



A tour of the house, up and down the stairs.



A rather rousing way to end the break - it's a chart I imagine all the players knew.




There are so many moods in this little segment.




AD: From 1946, a postwar miracle.




Sorry for the crappy cover - I had to use a web version, because I couldn't find the picture I took.

It's one of those special albums that had a cut-out portion on the front., allowing you to see the sleeve.

For some reason.



Mind you. this is Felix, not Leonard. The world was blessed by many Slatkins.



Done! The week is done. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? as the casutic gladiator said. No? Okay, well some Permanent Collection below. See you Monday for more, and more, and more. (And more!)



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