Annnnd . . . hiatus! Sort of. Just for today. You'll find Listen below as well as the Institute Update, so it's not as if I've left you with naught.

No, I wouldn't buy that either. Lazy bum, me. See you Monday.

By the way, the Listen is a bit different: it's AFRS music added to shows to pad them out at the end. It's the sound of the barracks and offices in 1944.




As noted, I'm going through the entire Gildersleeve series this year - and there's a lot.

Today, there's none of that.



In between the end of the story and the last commercial, a lengthy musical break added on for AFRS.


  As it turns out, these AFRS recordings have a lot of extra music the folks back home never heard.



This is what the Yanks would hear in the barracks. Not exactly something that hones the martial spirit.



AD: Grown men pretending to be cowboys who eat Rice Krispees.



The cut-out-bin phase was approaching at a stately pace:

Paste in Signor Monto in front of some stock art, slap the London logo up top - reuse, recycle, release, and watch the lire roll in.


It's the soundtrack for an elderly neighbor falling asleep at 3 AM with the lights on.

Quality is a bit low, I'm afraid.



  Some wisdom from the Old Fellows down in Pine Ridge. So we end the week.

And there's this, so there you go! Back on Monday with a full report.


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