In case you’ve been wondering, this is my office lobby. I haven’t performed any artistic manipulation; that’s what it looks like! Yeah uh huh. It’s a wonder I got the shot off, since security will often say “no pictures,” and then I flash my press badge, and they still say no pictures.

Well, the week comes to a nice end. There is still ham in the house. It never ends; it’s self-replentishing. You take some ham for a sandwich and the next day there is more ham than you had before. It’s always like this. You run out of Thanksgiving Turkey before you tire of turkey, but you never outpace your ham stocks. We also had a Ham Bone in the fridge, in case we needed a prop for an impromptu game of “guess that 40s Blues Singer name.”

HAM BE GONE is all I ask.

Driving back from the store where I did not yet buy a motorscooter, I noticed that the old lousy pointless cheap 70s wood is being removed.

First one to name the product gets this week's No-Prize!

Anyway. I'm done, spent, done wrote out; a five-piece week for work, and now I got nuthin' . . . but junk.

I click so you don’t have to. That’s the idea. I tell you what the lies are, so you can scoff and sneer at the crap they offer with the knowledge that they’re shoddy, useless trip.

This week: Medium-related sites and their inability to write a headline without cursing.



Combining naughty words with cutesy phrase like "some swears" - what a clever boy!


Why, it looks like he has - how to they say it? - all teh swears. This might be his trademark!

Or is it a hallmark of his generation?
  Maybe it's just the hallmark of one married couple. The Nightingales! How sweet they sing

No, it's generational.

I'm pretty sure that no amount of evidence on the reasons for the ban would change his mind; he knows what's going on.

  Elsewhere in the Medium network: yeah of course that's happening. That's how it starts

Makes you actually happy to see stupid link chum, especially when it's the "crown began cheering" type.



It's a close cousin to the "photographer got more than he bargained" genre. Why was the crowd cheering? Because they saw breasts or genitals! Happens all the time! Who-hoo! Let us now cheer, all of us!


Usually the junk-supplement industry doesn't make instantly falsifiable claims. But you just know this is fake without doing a lick of research.



The pill is also sold as "Neurocell, Synagen, Cogniq, Alpha ZXT, Intellux" and who knows how many other useless placebos.

Do you ever get the feeling that this is, like, 62% of the internet? This, and stories complaining about the horrors of life in Western Civilization.




As noted, I'm going through the entire Gildersleeve series this year - and there's a lot. We're still in the early days, when the show had found its footing.




Spring-time skipping music.


  I wonder if that's quoting a popular song; nothing comes to mind.



Again, I keep thinking of Wizard of Oz cues - but that's because the movie was usually one's first introduction to the era, and it defined the terms by which we understood it.




Bonus: Someone in the orchestra accidentally hit the timpani.




AD: One hell of a segue, guys. I say that as an expert. One hell of a segue.



Bahston rawkers:

Broke up in '66, but reformed in 1998 and still play. Wikipedia: "In common with many of their garage rock contemporaries, they gradually acquired cult status." That's often the best you can hope for in the business: gradually becoming known to a select few.


Biggest hit. Rather rote Animals-esque stuff until the middle, and then: huh?




  Some wisdom from the Old Fellows down in Pine Ridge. So we end the week.


That's a short end to a long-enough week. See you Monday!



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