Nothing today except lots of things below - for reasons I'll describe tomorrow. No, I am not in Arizona. That would be nice but I am here. No - wait, I am in Arizona! Shoot! Forgot about the dog!

No. I was heading up to Fargo, but the weather was poor and the conditions bad. Travel was not advised. So I'll just give you theplace-holder Bleat I did in advance when I thought I'd be posting something from the Starbucks parking lot.

I'll head up later next month, I guess. I'd go up this next weekend, but Dad has plans. 91, and he has plans.

A photo I found in the archives:

One of the most POWERFUL HAM RADIO RIG on the continent.

He lived in my neighborhood. I drive by the house every day.

  The picture is from 1927. The stool shows you how much ugly stuff hung around. Aside from buildings and some clothes, I don't think it was a particularly lovely decade.

The cutline says that the owner, W. J. Mashek "talked nightly with the leper on the island of Antiqua, the lattre's only contact with the rest of the world."


Better, perhaps, than the other way around.

This week in Odds & Ends, it's . . .

Fortnightly tales of Bat Men and Science! And since the stories didn't always fill out the last page, there were anecdotes.




We know how that played out.

At a table set for 34 in the banquet room of Stillwater’s Lowell Inn, the club’s secretary called the roll, the Pioneer Press reported. Only Lockwood responded “Here,” in a “sturdy and deep voice.” Spectators gathered to hear him speak.

“With his head held high and tears in his eyes the soldier read a farewell poem to his dead companions, poured out a bit of the Burgundy, quaffed a toast and handed the bottle to Mrs. McClure to be given to the Stillwater Library,” the Pioneer Press reported.

So says the Pioneer Press' old news blog. He read a poem. It's here. (Photo of Charles Lockwood from the Minnesota Historical Society.)





Not a lot in the way of holiday ads, but we'll do what we can:

1939. The world's about to go to hell, so maybe a baby with a bottle of blood is apt.


Why, tomorrow she'll just be sikh to her stomach:

I love the straightforwardness of these ads. Look, you know it and we know it. You're going to tie one on. You're going to get as boiled as a lobster. Have this stuff handy so you don't feel like complete and utter death tomorrow. Buy extra in case you throw up the first glass.

Now: you may wonder what that thing up in the Bleat Ban is. It's . . . this!




Carry it upstairs! Alcohol-proof! OPTIONAL LEGS!


And there's MORE! The attributes NEVER STOP! Use it to put booze in the baby's room!

"Gracious Hospitality" = fast, easy access to liquor

In case you're not sold, here are some illustrated people who cannot believe they live in a world of such wonders:

Let's look at some details. You thought the white flocked tree was a 60s thing?


Did we tell you it ROLLS OUTDOORS? Because it ROLLS OUTDOORS

  It provides long-married couples with something to talk about to fill the awkward silent spaces!


More tomorrow! It's a lazy week, but more tomorrow.


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