Heck of a big banner for a nothing Bleat, eh? Sorry. I think I'd planned to do more, but the Fair just took everything, and there was a surprising amount of tweaking involved in the last video. You can see them here on the State Fair page, along with the latest column. So it's not as if there isn't anything.

Fun stuff coming this week, I think; there's an Odds & Ends feature that will run through the whole month, and will introduce you to things you haven't seen. Some cool; some awful; all belonging to a time that seems quite distant. Warning: video. Good news: all 30 seconds or so.




And that's it! Hey, it's a vacation day. There are Matchbooks, so it's not as if your visit was completely wasted. Enjoy the last day of Summer, and I'll see you tomorrow with the usual crop.


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