I have nothing for you. Nothing in the usual sense of bothered blathering, except for the Wednesday Screed, but I've a crackerjack reason that will be revealed tomorrow. But when I say "I have nothing," of course there's plenty below the fold.

Above, I have something horrifying: this was an ad that popped on Vogue. I was on the site to read a review of a TV show, of all things, and this was displayed as an enticement to enjoy their fashion expertise.




I look at these things and think, we are lost.


And now, Odds and Ends, the strange, amorphous above-the-fold feature, presents . . .



I bought these in a flea market in a New York parking garage. I've no idea what their purpose was intented to be. Information and education, I guess. They had no value and couldn't be used for postage.

In the coming days you'll get to choose the CD job you'd like. There will be eight.

CD, CD Uber Early:


I could do that, kids might think. That would be exciting. I could use my bike and everything. I could have a special pouch with this sticker on it.

You can depend on me, sir! I'll get that message through. BOOM! CRASH! PSSSSHHHHH! RAT-A-TATTATATATATATATATAT




More stabby credits for the Crimson Ghost:

Stabby credits, with the same strange TERROR-SOAKED typeface:

Last thing we saw, our hero was walking into a trap set by the captured scientist, who thought Duncan, our hero, was the bad guy. Our hero was zapped!



Oh. Crap. Is he dead?



Oh. Crap. In other news: JURY SYSTEM DENOUNCED.

Well, we're back to figuring out what the first third is going to be about. The Crimson Ghost says he can build the motor-stopping anti-missile weapon anyway, but he'll need more money . . . so they decide to knock over an armored car. Apparently the ray also gives the guards horrible gas:



Conrad tells the Board of Scientists that the Cyclotrode needs a certain substance, and he's told the company that makes it not to give anyone any of the stuff. While he's at the lab doing science things, a message is slipped under the door:


He has his own record label! And it's a special kind of record:



Man, this guy's good. Once he has Conrad in his clutches, he attempts to put on the Collar of Obedience to make him get the heavy water to get supplies for a larger Cyclotrode. Got it? Things are rather clear in this one. Anyway, our hero realizes that this would mean the story ends now, and ends without a fistfight, so he breaks free, and gets a gun. So:



Hard to get good help these days. A really top-notch fistfight follows, and the Crimson Ghost makes his way out the window, and our hero is in pursuit. Alas:


The Crimson Ghost discovers that there's a second device, and sends his henchs & the Zombified captive scientist to get it; Our Hero interrupts for a fistfight so brutal two out of three hats do not stay on. He chases the bad guys, so we have a running gun battle. Then they remember hey, we have a device that can blow up planes from great distances. So:

This is really very good. I mean, it's crap, but it's really very good.

See you around - 30s stuff below, and a Screed if you like.



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