It's vacation week, but that doesn't meant we can't add a few things here and there. For amusement purposes only, of course.

Creepy undead coffee-cups with frog-like appendages. Here's how things stand at the beginning of our story:

What is she doing? And why? She doesn't seem angry. She seems rather calm and methodical. Her husband doesn't seem bothered; he appears to be considering a career as a Ted Cruz impersonator.


Dad's pretty fond of himself. He also says out loud what he thinks is kept inside his head.


Yes, this will compensate for personalty conflicts and accumulated resentments:

He looks like he's giddy with delight: the decision to poison her was liberating.

Dad's special recommended brew. Right.

And that's all it took. From her reaction, I'm guessing the problem was his lack of consideration. Or she suddenly because self-aware of her own faults, and realized it was almost like a dream for someone to do this for her with full knowledge of her horrid deficiencies as a wife and human being.

Drink this and the stitched sampler on the wall will no longer stand in mocking contrast to the truth of your lives.




It's the end of Frank Reade Jr. Not the Death of Frank, just the end. You may ask if he'll ever return.

I can only say: you'll have to wait, and hope. (And yeah, sure. He'll be back.)


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