After Thanksgiving, travel home. Sorry to see some Highway 10 landmarks gone for good. I noted that a big motel sign was removed by new owners, because it probably cost too much to fix. They could have painted it and left it be, but there was probably insurance concerns.

On the other hand, this will probably stand for years.

The saddest moment was passing a small downtown theater that had hung on for years, no doubt with creaky seats and musty cushions. The marquee was empty.

More on Monday, perhaps. It's a holiday weekend, and that means I slack off madly here at the Bleat. But there's stuff under the fold.



A few sprightly music cues to end the month and pep up your shopping mood.

CND Cue #491 Well-dressed ladies in a pickle. A pickle!

CND Cue #492 I have no idea how to describe it, except: library music.

CND Cue #493 I like how the theme is handed off from one instrument to the other. Comic perturbations concluded with a happy ending - of course.

CND Cue #494 Industry! The broad great American land! Progress! Optimism!

CND Cue #495 Be of good cheer - and be useful and efficient.

From the astonishingly diverse, yet same-sounding, Gunsmoke custom cues.


Gunsmoke Cue #26 Some Savings Bond shilling, then a brisk introduction using the main theme.

Gunsmoke Cue #27 Nothing says "The Old West" like the electric guitar.

Gunsmoke Cue #28 Marshall Dillon just did something good, again, even if only to recognize the good someone else did.

Gunsmoke Cue #29 Can we get a round going? No? Okay.

Gunsmoke Cue #30 Chester doesn't know, but, well, it's all a'gonna work out okay, podner.

Gunsmoke Cue #31 More music to introduce DRAMATIC WALKING.

Gunsmoke Cue #32 The flute hopes he's right too, but has its doubts.


Smart color combos now available!

Columbia Portables.

That'll do for today - not much, I know, but it's one of those holiday weeks. And there's Forties up there - get them while you can, because it's ending next monrh. On to December!


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