As noted yesterday, personal issues have crimped the production of the bleat. We now bring you pre-written content, prepared in advance, to provide you with a justification for visiting the site.


The end of the DC pictures.

National Airport.

There. Enough. If you're wondering what I used for a camera, and I imagine at least almost one person possibly might could be, I was using a Samsung WB250F, and using the in-camera filters as well. Yes, I have a Camera camera, not just a phone. I don't know why, except that I presume the Camera camera will be better than my phone. It's an old assumption that will be eventually disproved, I suppose, but for now any serious trip requires a Camera camera, not just a phone camera.


Cues from the mid-20th century genre of "radio," where comedy and drama played along with the news and music, and sprightly little snippets let the listener strike the set for the last scene and get ready for the next.

CND Cue #486
Politically inspired fistfight leads to the crazy mad cuckoo-cues.

CND Cue #487 You can tell the subject is still politics, because FIFE.

CND Cue #488 Play this any excuse I get. Fine sprightly library music of the purest sort.

CND Cue #489 And again - except it ends.

CND Cue #490 Ninety dollars for piano lessons? Cue the made-up piano concerto.

And now, more Gunsmoke - custom-made cues of surprising variety.

Gunsmoke Cue #19 Now and then the soundtrack would hint at other old West tunes and make them new. In this case, it's "The Coronor's Inquest for O. Susanna."

Gunsmoke Cue #20 Main theme restated. I love the little harp-pluck at the end. Just the right chord.

Gunsmoke Cue #21 Another old-West theme turned evil - I think. Can't quite place it.

Gunsmoke Cue #22 More DRAMA! It has to be so because the music is making the point so insistently!

Gunsmoke Cue #23 Now let's give the main theme to the loneliest oboe in town.

Gunsmoke Cue #24 O Susanna requoted and redeemed.

Gunsmoke Cue #25 O Susanna requoted and redeemed.



In 1946 they were troubled by the fast hectic pace of modern life:

Alka Seltzer is anti-cranky medicine

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