The last of the snow went away today, like a palace underling slipping out the back while the mob was at the gate, banging on the door. The weather seems to be promising something: no more of that. It may not be hot. It may not always be bright. But the ground will sprout. It will not snow again.

Nonsense, I suppose. The weather makes no promises, except inconstancy. On that matter its vow is adamantine.

I think I may have hit a personal record as of Thursday evening: the Bleat up, the Bobby Sherman comic section started, a podcast hosted and posted, Tumblr posted, a tweet made, two Instagram photos, a video interview at StarTribune, a column at NRO, a nationwide radio interview, and the Friday column already posted to the web. I did not post to Facebook or Google +, though.

Maybe I should do an animated GIF!

Yeah! Okay, let’s see if I can do this in ten minutes. Not including the six it takes to load iMovie.

That took five minutes. Basement of the Strib. Some of you may know what I was trying to do here. I wish I’d had a crowbar or some other crude weapon.

The tweet was a lament that I had to change all my passwords because of Heartbleed, and I don’t have a new dog. I don’t actually use the old dog name for passwords. I have an easy-to-remember formula that can be applied to any site and is unique for every site. But of course I still forget, which is why I have a password manager program with an incredibly complex password. What if I’m struck down? How will wife get the passwords? You can’t write them down; that would ruin everything. So I had to write them down in code, according to things she would understand but no one else would.

All of this will seem crazy some day, when computer monitors have retinal scanners or facial recognition. They will make fun of us for typing horsebatterystaple to unlock our machines.

Anyway, now I’m going to revise some novel; been on a tear, and am delighted to see there’s so little that needs fixing. The last big overhaul did the trick. Did I mention I’m going to do an audiobook version as well? This means I need to come up with a theme for the soundtrack, and that’s my weekend project.

Earlier notes written around 7:30 PM after dinner:

Strolling across the parking lot today, a shock:

What? Why? If they're being removed for historical purposes, fine - although I have no idea what they'll do with them. Save the S & T and put them in the lobby of the new place, perhaps. One story I heard said they were being removed because we no longer own the building, but that seems rather brusque.


It looks like those Egyptian walls where they burred the stone to strike out the name of someone who'd fallen from favor.

I expect they will be gone tomorrow.

Let us return to the peregrinations of Rice Ball Boy as he travels around Japan. Each package - I have 12, unfortunately for you - is a reference to a particular prefecture. Just as Texas is longhorns and oil wells (or was), so do these places have their own cliches and symbols. I pass this along because it’s something I never knew or even thought about. So:

C'mon, Happy Rice Ball Boy, give me a tough one. This is simple.

Well, no, it wasn't. I tracked it down by looking up the name in the upper-left-hand corner in a Kanji list of prefectures. It's Ishikawa,a small state with a million-plus population and some archaic websites.



And now, the weekly survey of old music cues from the CBS EZ-Cue Library. (I think.) They're taken from "The Couple Next Door," of course, and provide the soundtrack for the mid-century middle-class life. Some old favorites and some new cues never heard before.

CND Cue #366 Another happy life-in-the-busy-city cue. Wouldn’t it be interesting if cities did sound like this?

CND Cue #367 The Off We Go on an Adventure cue, but this time pristine without voices at the end.

CND Cue #368 Since we’re in Merrie Olde, it’s time to get out the Stock Royalty Music! That must mean all the other stuff is royalty-free. Hyuk.

CND Cue #369 Never heard this much of this one; glissandos at the end.

CND Cue #370 This one’s new to me, but after 370, they do bleed together.

CND Cue #371 From the seldom-used disk marked “Revolutionary War Music cues.”

CND Cue #372 New! Never used before, and I can tell you that for certain. This wasn’t a show that needed slide-whistles.

CND Cue #373 My favorite of the Happy Family Shopping cues, and unique: it ends.

CND Cue #374 “I need something for agreeable pompous British Lord; got something? Anything with a bassoon will do.”



1959 Buy your radios where you get your tires!


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