Merry Christmas, all! Hope you're having a marvelous time. We are. It's been a delight so far. Although I had a revelation of sorts in church on Christmas Eve. One of the hymns was the simple "I am so glad each Christmas Eve," a rote Norwegian Lutheran number I always associate with the Cherub Choir, the organ grinding out the simple lines. The lyrics: "I am so glad each Christmas Eve, the night of Jesus' birth."

What? No. Why didn't I ever notice that? Original lyrics: "Jeg er så glad hver julekveld, or da ble Jesus født." Google translation: "I am so glad each Christmas Eve, for when Jesus was born."

Subtle difference, but a difference nevertheless.

In case you missed it . . .


And this. "Like the story of the Nativity itself, Lum & Abner's Christmas story has become more beautiful with the passing of the years." Probably not a wise comparison.

I love this series, partly because it never resorted to sentiment. Don't let the treacly organ-music fool you; this was a clever, understated, wryly observed piece of continuing comedy. Perhaps that's why this episode was popular at the time - the actors could carry off a "serious" Christmas special without breaking character. Chester Laulk, who played Lum, was always good at comic descents into abject despair, which makes his little speech about coming to the end of the line sharper than modern ears might hear.










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