For Thanksgiving, another visit to the Diner. Recollections and questionable music ensue.



By permission of the author (and her brilliant daughter) an episode from the Couple Next Door. If you’re just joining the show, well, there’s no overarching plot you’ve missed. It’s Thanksgiving. Aunt Maggie - the inimitable and unmistakable Margaret Hamilton - is fussing over the details; the Husband has just come home; the Wife confronts the difficulty of dealing with her sister-in-law. That's it! Except it's not.

If you're new to the show, it's a great example of Peg Lynch's economical brilliance. There's so much at work here, and she even has time to slip in a little sororal sniping over the sage and the nutmeg. Peg's writing is not only sharp and concise and generous to all the other characters, her acting is just delightful. Listen to it once for enjoyment, then listen to it again for her performance.


The Couple Next Door, 1958: The Turkey. Note: pitch on this one was a bit high, so I've adjusted it slightly.









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